Vicky Luo

I have always been interested in the financial market and after fishing my undergraduate study as double major in Mathematics and Economics, I am eager to find out more possibilities to apply what I have learned into the financial market. Therefore, I want to study the financial market with a more quantitative approach. And as the MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering programme at Imperial College Business school offers is one of the best, I decided to apply for it without any hesitation.

Imperial College has great reputation, both locally here in London and also worldwide. Plus, London is the global financial hub also with an exciting life, therefore, Imperial College stays at the top of my graduate school list. However, it took me great time and effort to get to know Imperial College Business School and also the programs it offers. I really wished I could have contacted some current students who studied at Imperial for programme when I applied. The direct contact and sharing is significantly helpful for prospective students, from the early stage as to prepare for the application to the later stage as to make the final decision. Therefore, I want to be the one that a perspective student can reach to when he or she applies for the Imperial Business School so that he or she doesn’t need to go through the painful and inefficient researching as I did before.

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