Julia Neuhold
Julia Neuhold is an MSc Strategic Marketing class of 2018 student. Before joining Imperial College Business School, Julia worked as Email Marketing Manage for Tablet Solutions.

About you

What work experience/internships did you have before beginning with Imperial College Business School?

Prior to beginning at Imperial College Business School, I acted as the Marketing Manager of a software startup in Vienna where I planned and executed marketing and sales activities while at times leading a team of three. I have also interned in international advertising and media agencies and worked in the brand management department of MINI BMW.

Why did you decide to study MSc Strategic Marketing at Imperial College Business School?

I decided to apply for the MSc Strategic Marketing programme because I wanted to advance my marketing and management knowledge and make myself more attractive for higher roles on the international job market. Looking at the programme structure it was clear to me that Imperial College Business School provided modules that could fill gaps that I had encountered in my previous studies. Furthermore, I knew that Imperial offered many opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities that can help you build your network in the industry you want to work in – which I found extremely appealing. Lastly, the amazing reputation Imperial has definitely played a role in my decision making.


What aspects of the programme do you most enjoy, and find most rewarding?

Working in groups from 47 nationalities and with completely different academic backgrounds proved especially rewarding as I learnt a lot personally and professionally. Besides this, the numerous opportunities to meet industry leaders and network with inspiring thought-leaders, often organised by the Career Clubs or the Careers service, were the highlight of my year.

Which has been your favourite module so far and why?

I especially enjoyed Strategic Product Management as I’ve worked with product managers in the past but had never gained the theoretical knowledge. Fascinated by the topic, I learnt a lot in this module. The lecturer was especially engaged and provided very interesting, practical examples.

What has been the most challenging part of the programme?

I personally found the Marketing Analytics module the most challenging as I haven’t had the chance to work with the methods introduced in the module prior to my Master’s. Being a very practice-oriented module, I also learnt a lot. Practice makes perfect as they say.


How do you describe your cohort at imperial?

Everyone in my cohort was incredibly friendly, intelligent and inspiring to work with. Coming from a diverse background, both in terms of nationality, work and academic experience, made the classroom a very varied and motivating place.


What has been the greatest opportunity you have had at Imperial?

The greatest opportunity by far was acting as the Vice President of the Technology, Media and Telecommunications Club. Co-leading a committee of 11 students, we organised numerous events for more than 50 paying members with industry thought-leaders from companies such as Microsoft, Google, Vice, HelloFresh and many more. Not only did this provide a great opportunity to network and establish myself in the tech scene in London, it was also very rewarding working with a great team in making the club membership valuable to every member. Additionally, I was able to advance my leadership, team-working and organisation skills, and benefit from this dramatically in my application process.

What clubs, societies or other activities have you been involved in at Imperial?

Furthermore, I was appointed a Student Ambassador role, which is a representative position and includes tasks such as attending information sessions for applications, answering questions through the UniBuddy online portal and muchmore. This role allowed me to connect with multiple students from different programmes and meet many interesting people. It also strengthened my relationships with faculty members and the Careers service team at Imperial College Business School.


What are your future career goals and how have they been realised since being at Imperial?

I am looking to pursue a career Technology Marketing in London. I have identified London as the city I want to pursue my career in, a decision that was definitely influenced by the strong professional network, consisting of everything from startups to big corporations, Imperial College Business School helped me establish.

Have you received any job offers since commencing your programme?

I have decided to accept a job offer working as the product marketing executive at Dotmailer, an international tech company producing marketing automation software for businesses.

How did the services from Careers help in your professional development/securing employment?

I am extremely thankful for Careers at Imperial College Business School as they really put a lot of effort into each individual. During my time at Imperial, I have made use of their services with one-on-one appointments to discuss my career goals, my CV, cover letters, and upcoming interviews. The consultants were always very helpful and forthcoming in putting in the extra work. Furthermore, I enjoyed working closely with the Careers service and Employer Relations as the Vice President of the Technology, Media & Telecommunications Club and collaborated on events and recruitment fairs.

London location

Where do you live in London and why did you choose to live there?

I live in East London as it is cheaper to live in and I prefer the area during my free time.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time in London?

Coming from Vienna I used many opportunities to travel back home during the year. Apart from that I travelled to Dublin, explored the south of England and spent a weekend in Rome.

What have been the benefits and challenges of moving to London? What advice would you give to someone in a similar position?

London is a great place to start your career. Many of the leading companies have offices in London and the startup scene is also incredible. The amount of events and fairs happening around London is fascinating. If you are looking to pursue an international career – London is a good place to start. It is also more competitive than other cities in Europe, but Imperial College Business School definitely helps you by having a high recognition and Careers will prepare you sufficiently for the recruitment processes.


What advice would you give someone who is thinking about applying for the programme

Put a lot of work into your application, especially the personal and career statement. I think the most important thing is emphasising why this programme is so important to you and how you will bring value to the Business School and the cohort. Being well-informed about the offerings at Imperial such as extracurricular activities and including references to such in your application will definitely prove beneficial as the college values proactive, engaged and motivated students. If possible, reach out to alumni throughout your application. The Imperial College Business School alumni network is incredibly open-minded and always happy to help.

MSc Strategic Marketing
Undergraduate Education :

BA Media & Communication Consulting, University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten, Austria

Job after Imperial College Business School :

Product Marketing Executive, dotmailer