Raashi Suneja

raashi300x300Studying at Imperial has been my long cherished dream. The practical approach to education here clubbed with numerous career building opportunities led me to believe that it the perfect place to pursue one’s higher studies. Imperial aims at providing innovative solutions to real-world problems, which resonates with my thinking at an intellectual level.

One of the toughest choices I had to make as an undergraduate was to choose where to pursue my Master’s degree. This choice is one that shapes your future and therefore requires profound thought. As a Student Ambassador, I do not only aspire to make prospective students aware of the number of advantages and opportunities that are offered here at Imperial, but also to share my personal experience of going through the same selection process.

The Student Ambassador scheme is the perfect opportunity for me to give back to the College for what it offers me. It is an immensely rewarding scheme that allows me to further hone my interpersonal, leadership and communication skills, which will significantly contribute to my professional and personal development. My aim is to endorse the College and my course, to foster the name and reputation of Imperial College Business School, to embrace the diversity here at Imperial by interacting with prospective students and the faculty and essentially- working towards building a cohesive environment that brings all us students with a shared passion for Marketing and the Business School together.

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