Roxana Windisch

My name is Roxana Windisch and I am half-Iranian, half-German. Born and raised in Germany I studied Business and Economics for my undergraduate degree at the University of Hohenheim. I then decided to move overseas for my MSc Strategic Marketing studies.

I chose this programme, because of its emphasis on practical applicability and innovation. This includes an approach to marketing that focuses on digital aspects, which I believe is fundamental for a future career in this sector.

Imperial College Business School offers exceptional opportunities for students. It does not solely rely on its world-class reputation, but really inspires the students to perform at their best. With the support offered covering every aspect of a future career whether in a corporate environment or in your own start-up you are equipped with the right skills to excel in whatever area you choose to work in.

As a Student Ambassador I want to contribute to the vibrant and multicultural community at Imperial College. Moreover I would like to offer support for prospective students seeking information regarding the MSc Strategic Marketing programme, the application process and Imperial College in general. I believe that Imperial College Business School provides the right platform for personal growth and professional development and I would like to get my enthusiasm for this university across to prospective students.

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