IEM Consulting Project

Summer projects

In the summer term you will complete an Applied Strategic Marketing Report and gain practical experience by undertaking a Work Placement or Strategic Marketing Consulting Project.

Strategic Marketing Consulting Project

You will act in a consulting capacity, applying knowledge from the Marketing Core and the Marketing Platform to the solution of a real business issue. You will work with a corporate sponsor who will present a challenge facing their business and they will provide feedback on your proposed solutions.

Some of the companies that our students may develop a consulting project for include:

  • 1000mercis Ltd

  • Actual Experience

  • Avant – Premiere

  • Barclaycard

  • Big Group

  • Brandwatch

  • eBay

  • Edwardian Hotels

  • Everis

  • Exhibition Road Cultural Group

  • Ganache Macaron

  • Givenchy

  • Jaguar Land Rover

  • Johnson&Johnson

  • Kabbani Lifestyle

  • Mitre

  • Nuji

  • Panlogic

  • Red Ant

  • Rider Levett Bucknall

  • Strategy Eye

  • Strategic Partnering

  • Unilever

  • Virgin Media

  • Westbrook International

  • Whispr Group

  • Yahoo

  • Zeno Group

Work Placement

This module aims to contribute to the development of your managerial potential by applying problem solving techniques to a challenging business situation in which you are fully immersed. The focus is on developing your skills in managing real business and executing marketing tasks in one specific business context, drawing on the knowledge and skills achieved in other modules of the MSc Strategic Marketing programme. The module will give you the opportunity to experience and operate in a real world corporate situation.

If you opt to take the Work Placement module you will need to find your own placement. The work placement should be for one month or longer and can be held at a UK-based or international company or organisation.

Applied Strategic Marketing Report

A number of topics reflecting marketing issues and trends discussed in Contemporary Marketing Practice will be made available early in the Summer term. You will have the option to choose one of the topics and write a 5,000 word unsupervised report.

Students wishing to study a doctoral programme after this programme may take a conventional MSc project in lieu of the Consulting Project and Marketing Report.

The summer term specifically allows students to apply the skills learned from the previous two terms. The Applied Strategic Marketing Report and the Consulting Project challenge your understanding of materials learned and can be incredibly rewarding projects to work on.
Andrew Spatafora
MSc Strategic Marketing 2018
Andrew Spatafora