Autumn Term

October – December


Consumer Behaviour

When, why and how do people buy (or not buy) a product? Using elements from psychology, sociology, social anthropology and economics, you will gain an understanding of buyer decision-making processes and the factors that influence them.

Contemporary Marketing Practice I

The latest strategic trends and challenges in marketing, together with their implications for marketing practice, are examined through presentations and discussions with key industry experts and marketing faculty. These courses are not assessed but attendance is compulsory as it forms the basis of the Applied Marketing Report.

Marketing Strategy and Finance

This course will give you a solid overview of what aspiring managers and master’s level students need to know in order to effectively craft and execute corporate and financial strategies for an organisation. This will require you to think beyond individual functions (such as marketing, finance, or operations) and take a corporate view of the organisation’s direction and the challenges which it faces. Successful strategies improve the performance of organisations, engage their staff and customers, convince investors to supply them with funds, and create long term competitive advantage over their rivals. Applying the tools and concepts we cover in class to real-world situations will be a critical element of this module. You will have the opportunity to discuss key strategy and financial issues arising from your reading and analysis. Case study examples will help you to sharpen your skills in identifying strategic and financial challenges for a range of different organisations, and to evaluate the options open to senior marketing managers in these contexts.

Digital Marketing

The internet and the widespread use of mobile devices have provided new means to interact with customers, as well as a new set of marketing challenges. This course will enable you to explore the opportunities and challenges presented by these new technologies and examine the different ways they can be used to build strategies to create customer value.

Marketing Analytics

Examining approaches to the analysis and improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing, this course focuses on the alignment of marketing activities and strategies with business goals, involving the development of metrics to monitor marketing performance.

Marketing Fundamentals

This course explores the way organisations develop competitive advantage by creating, delivering and communicating value to customers. It covers the key marketing concepts and principles, as well as including a discussion on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its growing importance in marketing.