Spring Term

January – March



How do brands create value for customers and for the organisations that manage them? The course covers building, measuring and managing elements of the marketing mix to build brand equity.

Contemporary Marketing Practice II

The latest strategic trends and challenges in marketing, together with their implications for marketing practice, are examined through presentations and discussions with key industry experts and marketing faculty. These courses are not assessed but attendance is compulsory as it forms the basis of the Applied Marketing Report.

Marketing Strategy in Practice

This course is meant as a “capstone” course. It will focus on the key strategic marketing issues facing organisations. Through this course, students will refresh and deepen their awareness of key marketing tenets, acquire an advanced knowledge of strategic marketing, develop relevant analytical skills, be able to think critically about strategic marketing, and be able to make strategic decisions to deal with specific business situations.  Students will learn to take the perspective of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) rather than a brand management perspective. The course focuses on a broad understanding of market, competitive dynamics and also incorporates students running a live business simulation to augment their marketing management skills. The course considers the fact that competitors have access to the same marketing weapons to compete and change the market environment. Students will improve their strategic thinking to see and sense market changes and anticipate actions and reactions from customers, competitors and other relevant players.


This course provides a systematic presentation of the factors that need to be considered when setting prices. You’ll learn how pricing alternatives can be developed, how the pricing decision can be integrated back into the marketing mix, and how its effectiveness in achieving broader managerial objectives can be evaluated.

Relationship and Services Marketing

Relationship marketing recognises the long-term value of customer relationships and extends communication beyond intrusive advertising and sales promotional messages. This course explores the principles of relationship marketing and highlights cases of best practice. It will also examine the principles of services marketing and explore state-of-the-art marketing practice in this area. 

Strategic Product Management

This course introduces students to the critical role of marketing for successful strategic product management. It aims to develop a deep understanding of how marketing principles guide the management of product portfolios, the creation of new products and services, their launch into the market, and the management of the product life-cycle. It will encourage students to apply these principles to be better prepared for developing and implementing strategies that lead to commercial acceptance and success of new products and services.