Summer Term

April – June


Integrated Marketing Communications

Consumers and businesses are increasingly exposed to a plethora of marketing messages, with digital technology and new media transforming the ways in which customers and key stakeholders interact with organisations. This module will equip you with understanding and tools relevant to applying principles and practice of integrated marketing communications, both in traditional and digital scenarios. It will cover areas such as marketing communications auditing and planning; advertising and broadcast media; public relations; digital, buzz and viral advertising; media planning and selection; creative campaign planning and campaign budgeting and metrics.

Marketing Plan Competition

You will integrate what you have learned in the Entrepreneurship course and the Marketing Core and Marketing Platform to develop a marketing plan for an idea of your choice. As part of a team, the focus will be on developing a clear multi-channel marketing plan for your new company, which is likely to include the development of a mock website or a digital campaign for the new venture. Each group will be expected to present their plan under competition conditions.