Learn how to launch and manage a high potential new venture

The Entrepreneurship Summer School will help participants to fine-tune their early stage business concepts during a hands-on boot-camp at Imperial College Business School in London. By communicating the challenges of being an entrepreneur, we provide insights such as how to seek and adapt to customer feedback. The main goal is to develop business ideas with a strong front-end.

By the end of the course you will:

  • Generate new ideas and apply frameworks to develop and test their business ideas

  • Build an early stage business idea through research and validation

  • Apply knowledge of key entrepreneurship and innovation concepts to future projects, on degree programme or within career roles

  • Research solutions to problems and deliver concise presentations

  • Work in a team and manage a project

Teaching methods

The course is delivered through a mix of face-to-face lectures, classes and facilitated group discussions. You will work in teams to develop and pitch a business idea. Each team will be guided by experienced venture coaches from academia and industry, and participate in a rigorous course on the theory of entrepreneurship alongside your practical work.

The combination of practical and academic classes enables you to rapidly develop entrepreneurship skills – the ability to recognise, pursue and exploit opportunities regardless of the resources which you currently control.

Working with peers from across the globe, you will proceed quickly but carefully with your ideas, building self-confidence and tapping into fellow students’ diverse skill sets.

Lecture content and class material will be made available through an interactive online teaching and learning hub – the Summer School Hub.


Academic level: Equivalent to an undergraduate course

Suggested credit level: 3 – 4 US / 7.5 ECTS credits. Your home institution will determine how much credit is awarded

For more details view our entry requirements.


  • Team business pitch and pitch deck – (45% of final mark)

  • Team summary of business idea – (5% of final mark)

  • One final written examination – (50% of final mark)

Imperial College London will issue an official transcript with a final overall numerical mark – a breakdown of results will not be provided.

Imperial College London reserves the right to change or alter the courses offered without notice.

Summer School 2021 

Courses for 2021 are to be confirmed, and applications will open in early 2021.

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