Topics in Finance

An introduction to fundamental topics in finance

Corporate Finance Summer School

Topics in Finance

On this Summer School course you will develop an understanding of how financial markets interact with financial institutions and how important asset prices vary over the business cycle. The first week covers how monetary policy affects asset prices and the real economy and how asset prices behave over the business cycle. The second week covers topics in banking, banking regulation and how financial technology might change the banking sector. The third week covers topics in valuation (CAPM/equity/bond valuation) and portfolio choice through an interactive approach. You will learn the nature and workings of financial markets and financial institutions. Basic principles of asset pricing and portfolio theory will also be introduced.

Course objectives:

  1. Understand how monetary policy affects asset prices.
  2. Have a broad understanding of how financial variables might move over the business cycle.
  3. Understand the role of banking and the need for banking regulation in the economy.
  4. Understand broad valuation principles.

Further information about Topics in Finance is available in the course outline.

Teaching methods

Delivered by a mix of face-to-face lectures and classes, lecture content and class material will be made available through an interactive online teaching and learning hub – The Summer School Hub.

Workshops will use case studies, structured discussions and in-class exercises to demonstrate the application of concepts as you learn. You will also be expected to complete private study and exam preparation work outside of your scheduled classes.


  • Multiple choice question quizzes – (30% of final mark)
  • One final individual examination – (70% of final mark)

Imperial College London will issue an official transcript with a final overall numerical mark – a breakdown of results will not be provided.
Imperial College London reserves the right to change or alter the courses offered without notice.

Guest speakers and trips

Guest speakers such as recent Business School alumni working in relevant industries will visit the Summer School. Trips will also be organised to compliment your learning, for example previous classes visited the Bank of England Museum. Guest speakers and trips will be confirmed nearer the time.

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