Antonio Ng

Antonio Ng


Antonio is originally from Singapore and is currently studying a Master’s in Finance at IE Business School.

The Summer School experience

Why did you decide to study your Summer School course and why did you choose to study at Imperial College Business School?
I wanted to understand more about the field of consulting and I thought a Summer School course such as Business Strategy & Consulting would be a good start. Imperial College has always been a prestigious brand to me and that fueled my decision to spend my summer at Imperial College Business School to gain exposure to what a top-notch business faculty situated in the heart of London provides.

What makes your Summer School unique?
There was a school trip to Chelsea Football Club and I was glad that the Summer School course actually provides such an experience! It was definitely an eye-opener for me and many others.

What aspects of the course did you most enjoy?
I enjoyed how professional the course has been throughout. Feedback was greatly appreciated by the business faculty and the course ran smoothly and comfortably. Most importantly, I made many new friends and I am confident these relationships will stay throughout my entire life!

What is the most challenging part of the course?
The most challenging part of the course was learning to cope with the workload. Especially in the Business Strategy & Consulting course, there were many readings to go through every day to prepare for class and the assessment included a final presentation and examination.

Imperial places a large emphasis on group work. What inspires you the most about working in this type of environment?
Teamwork is inevitable when one steps into the corporate world. I am excited and I firmly believe that Imperial prepares me for such an environment with its rigorous emphasis on group work.

How would you describe your cohort at Imperial?
It is widely diversified and everyone comes from different walks of life. Most importantly, the experiences shared are invaluable and I really appreciate having gained a tremendous amount of insight from the people that I met.

What parts of the social programme did you most enjoy?
I enjoyed the boat party the most as I am a huge fan of skyscrapers and the night scenery in modern cities like London. It was also a great networking party for us to have fun and to get to know each other better.


A wealth of opportunities

What has been the greatest opportunity during your summer at Imperial that you don’t think you would get anywhere else?
I believe the career services team at Imperial has very strong capabilities in understanding the job market in London. Being physically there at Imperial and having been able to chat with one of the advisors face-to-face provided me with the greatest opportunity to seek their evaluation of my profile and to plan my career path ahead.

What are your future career goals and how do you think your time at Imperial will help you achieve these?
My future career goals include entering the corporate finance industry and the time at Imperial has helped me figure out other alternatives which I could explore as well, after talking to and consulting many professionals.


Living in London

Where are you staying in London and why did you choose to stay there?
I stayed in Xenia Hall, Waterloo which is an accommodation owned by Imperial College. I decided to stay there mainly because of its wonderful location and accessibility to major transport networks.

What can a weekend in London look like for a Summer School student?
A weekend can include touring London with your mates in the day and going for a couple of drinks in the evening. London is such a pretty place and there is absolutely no way anyone can finish visiting all the hot spots over the weekend.

What is the most exciting thing you’ve done in London?
The most exciting thing I have done in London was to walk around the entire City of London the entire afternoon whilst being drenched to the toes in the rain. The erratic weather was a crazy experience but that certainly did not stop me from doing what I had planned!


Advice for future students

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about applying for the Summer School?
Consider carefully what you want to achieve out of the Summer School and make sure you really understand the differing summer courses offered by Imperial College Business School so as to make the most informed decision. You certainly would not want to end up spending your summer doing a subject that you are not keen about.

Share with us a handy hint or trick that made settling into Summer School that much easier!
Break out of your comfort zone and try to make friends with anyone and everyone that you see in Summer School! Any one of them might very well be your best companion throughout the entire Summer school and that makes settling in way easier.

Antonio Ng

Business Strategy & Consulting, 2016

Nationality:  Singaporean

University and subject studying:  Master’s in Finance at IE Business School, Spain