Full-Time MBA

How did your MBA help you get to where you are now?

The MBA programme helped me to have a new career in a new country. I worked briefly for PA Consulting before I joined the National Health Service (NHS). After working in a number of teaching hospitals on strategic and operational roles in England, I joined KPMG to lead on its healthcare consulting business in China, HK and Macau.

To what extent do you use the skills and knowledge you learnt on your MBA?

The MBA programme helped me to build my strengths in a number of areas, not only the management theory and tools but also the team work and people skills.

What advice would you give someone considering pursuing an MBA?

It is definitely worth your investment of time and money.

What did the MBA teach you about yourself as a leader and how have you developed as a leader since the MBA experience?
I learned more about my own self-awareness. Play your strengths but keep on working on your weaknesses.

What was the most inspiring aspect of your MBA experience?

By doing the MBA I realised my potential and what I have achieved after my MBA is something I never imagined I could. My life following my MBA has become fuller and richer.

Full-Time MBA 2005
Current employment:

Partner/Head of Healthcare, KPMG China