Entrepreneurial Journey

Explore the challenges of introducing products and services to market

Building on your learning from the Innovation and Entrepreneurship core module, the Entrepreneurial Journey is an optional module that can be taken instead of one elective. It is a live entrepreneurial experience that provides insights into the challenges of introducing products and services to market.

Operating as part of a multidisciplinary team, you will explore the latest developments in science, technology and business, and collaborate with key researchers and practitioners. You can investigate the commercial potential of your own idea or work on a project being developed by one of our partners, including Imperial Innovations and the Royal College of Art.

The Entrepreneurial Journey offers a unique opportunity to build your knowledge, skills and experience in innovation, entrepreneurship and design, while also enhancing your ability to build a strong client-consultant relationship.

By the end of the module, you will have enhanced your ability to adopt a structured approach to market research and industry analysis, explored the process of preparing a start-up, and will be able to exploit the power of design and innovation to transform ideas into a new product or service.

Ivan Kovynyov

I chose Imperial because of its entrepreneurship focus and strong, unique profile combining technology, business and innovation. I was wowed by the start-up culture at the school. Imperial offers an invaluable range of entrepreneurial resources such as Enterprise Lab, Imperial Innovations, and ThinkSpace. In particular, I am keen to experience the Entrepreneurial Journey which is part of the Weekend MBA during the second year.

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