Careers Workshops for Women

We offer a number of professional development workshops that address relevant topics to women in business, such as overcoming the challenges facing women leaders today, creating a truly inclusive workplace culture with a focus on gender and tackling unconscious bias in business decision making.

I attended several of the workshops by the Career and Professional Development service. They have definitely helped me improve my presentation skills and overall leadership style.

Maria Ximena GuzmanFull-Time MBA 2014-15

Workshops include:

Common gender stereotypes dictate that women must project power and strength in order to advance at work, yet they also need to retain their femininity in order to be liked. Research has shown that female leaders feel uncomfortable taking a commanding stance, because they are perceived as either competent or liked, but rarely both. Harvard Business Review, January 2013

What are challenges facing women leaders today? How can women overcome common gender stereotypes and maximise opportunities in the workplace?

This highly interactive workshop will explore typical challenges facing women leaders and identify relevant and practical solutions that you can apply to deliver results. As part of the session, we will explore your unique leadership identity and apply tools and techniques that you can use straight away to communicate with confidence and credibility.

You will also have the opportunity to practice handling those challenging conversations and brainstorm solutions to managing your career and work-life balance.

This workshop explores and identifies the commercial opportunities for leaders to create a truly inclusive workplace culture with a particular focus on gender.

It will address building and developing inclusion within teams, functions and brand, looking at the links between diversity and inclusion. The session will also explore the risks of exclusion and the many different compelling business cases to illustrate the commercial imperative of inclusion and will also dispel some myths and perceptions around diversity and inclusion and will equip you with some practical tools to harness the talent of your teams.

This workshop explores the basis of unconscious bias, the theory and some research outcomes, allowing students to reflect on their own bias, identify it in colleagues and offers solution on how to tackle it appropriately.

It also provides commercial examples of the impact of bias e.g. the effect of “in groups” and “out groups” on our behaviour at work and allows students to understand the risks to decision making in relation to both staff management and wider business issues.