Our Publications

Our journal publications divide into three core research areas:

  • Academic Entrepreneurship and Spin-Outs
  • Academic Engagement and University-Industry Alliances
  • Technology Transfer
Academic Entrepreneurship and Spin-Outs
Authors Title Journal Year
Perkmann, Fini, Ross, Salter, Silvestri, Tartari Accounting for Impact at Imperial College London: Using Augmented Data to Measure Academic Engagement and Commercialization by Academic Scientists (download) Research Evaluation 2015
Link, Siegel, Wright(eds) Book: The Chicago Handbook of University Technology Transfer and Academic Entrepreneurship (buy) 2015
Wright Academic Entrepreneurship, Technology Transfer and Society: Where Next? (download) Journal of Technology Transfer 2014
Rasmussen, Mosen, Wright The Influence of University Departments on the Evolution of Entrepreneurial Competencies in Spin-Off Ventures (download) Research Policy 2014
Fryges, Wright The Origin of Spin-Offs: A Typology of Corporate and Academic Spin-offs (download) Small Business Economics 2013
Wright, Mosey, Clarysse Strategic Entrepreneurship: Resource Orchestration and Growing Spin-offs from Universities (download) Technology Analyses and Strategic Management 2012
Clarysse, Tartari, Salter The Impact of Entrepreneurial Capacity, Experience and Organizational Support on Academic Entrepreneurship (download) Research Policy 2011
Fini, Grimaldi, Marzocchi, et al The Determinants of Corporate Entrepreneurial Intention Within Small and Newly Established Firms (download) Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 2011
Fini, Grimaldi, Santoni, Sobrero Complements or Substitutes? The Role of Universities and Local Context in Supporting the Creation of Academic Spin-offs (download) Research Policy 2011
Fini, Lacetera, Shane Inside or Outside the IP-system. Business Creation in Academia (download) Research Policy 2010
Fini, Grimaldi, Sobrero Factors Fostering Academics to Start up New Ventures: An Assessment of Italian Founders’ Incentives (download) Journal of Technology Transfer 2009
Jain, George, Maltarich Academics or Entrepreneurs? Investigating Role Identity Modification of University Scientists Involved in Commercialization Activity (download) Research Policy 2009
Academic Engagement and University-Industry Alliances
Authors Title Journal / Book Year
Perkmann How Boundary Organizations Facilitate Collaboration Across Diverse Communities (download) In Tell, Berggren, Brusoni, Van de Ven (eds) Managing Knowledge Integration Across Boundaries 2016
Perkmann University Industry Relations (download) In Audretsch, Hayter and Link (eds), Concise Guide to Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation, Edward Elgar 2015
Perkmann, Schildt Open Data Partnerships Between Firms and Universities: The Role of Boundary Organisations, (download) Research Policy 2015
Tartari, Perkmann, Salter In Good Company: The Influence of Peers on Industry Engagement by Academic Scientists (download) Research Policy 2014
Hughes, Mina, Bascavusoglu-Moreau Open service innovation and the firm’s search for external knowledge (download) Research Policy 2013
Perkmann, Tartari, McKelvey et al Academic Engagement and Commercialisation: A Review of the Literature on University-Industry Relations (download) Research Policy 2013
Hughes, Deiaco, McKelvey Special Issue: Universities as strategic actors in the knowledge economy (download) Cambridge Journal of Economics 2012
Mosey, Wright, Clarysse Transforming Traditional University Structures for the Knowledge Economy Through Multidisciplinary Institutes (download) Cambridge Journal of Economics 2012
Perkmann, Salter How to Create Productive Partnerships with Universities (download) MIT Sloan Management Review 2012
Hughes Open Innovation, the Haldane Principle and the New Production of Knowledge: Science Policy and University-Industry Links in the UK after the Financial Crisis (download) Prometheus 2011
Hughes, Moore, Ulrichsen Evaluating Innovation Policies: A Case Study of the Impact of Third Stream Funding in the English Higher Education Sector in Colombo et al (eds) Policies for Science and Innovation: Design and Evaluation, Edward Elgar 2011
D’Este, Perkmann Why do Academics Engage with Industry? The Entrepreneurial University and Individual Motivations (download) Journal of Technology Transfer 2011
Perkmann, King, Pavelin Engaging Excellence? Effects of Faculty Quality on Industry Engagement across Disciplines (download) Research Policy 2011
Perkmann, Neely, Walsh Walsh How Should Firms Evaluate Success in University-Industry Alliances? A Performance Measurement System (download) R&D Management 2011
Fini, Lacetera Different Yokes for Different Folks: Individual Preferences, Institutional Logics and the Commercialisation of Academic Research ( download) Advances in the Study of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Economic Growth 2010
Perkmann, Walsh Engaging the Scholar: Three Types of Academic Consulting and Their Impact on Universities and Industry (download) Research Policy 2008
Hughes University-Industry Links and U.K. Science and Innovation Policy in Shahid Yusuf and Kaoru Nabeshima (eds) How Universities Promote Economic Growth World Bank, Washington 2008
Perkmann, Walsh University-Industry Relationships and Open Innovation: Towards a Research Agenda (review article) (download) International Journal of Management Reviews 2007
Technology Transfer
Author(s) Title Journal / Book Year
Perkmann, West Open Science and Open Innovation: Sourcing Technology from Universities (download) in Siegel et al:Handbook of Technology Transfer 2015
Kotha, George, Srikanth Bridging the Mutual Knowledge Gap: Coordination Costs and the Commercialization of University Science’ (download) Academy of Management Journal 2013
Wright, Audretsch, Lehmen Technology Transfer in a Global Economy (download) Journal of Technology Transfer 2013
Hughes, Cosh Never mind the quality feel the width: University – industry links and government financial support for innovation in small high-technology businesses in the UK and the USA (download) Journal of Technology Transfer 2010
Jain, George Technology Transfer Offices as Institutional Entrepreneurs: The Case of Wisconsin Alumni Researc h Foundation and Human Embryonic Stem Cells (download) Industrial and Corporate Change 2007
George Learning to be Capable: Patenting and Licensing at the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation 1925-2002 (download) Industrial and Corporate Change 2005
Authors Title Publisher Year
Hughes, Kitson, Lawson, Bullock, Hughes, Salter The Changing State of Knowledge Exchange: UK Academic Interactions with External Organisations 2005-2015 NCUB 2016
Hughes, Kitson, Lawson, Bullock, Hughes, Salter Knowledge Exchange in UK Universities: Results from a Panel of Academics 2005-2015 NCUB 2016
Hughes, Kitson, Lawson, Bullock, Hughes, Salter Deepening Partnerships: How Universities Work with the External Organisation NCUB 2016
Perkmann, Fini, Ross et al Accounting for Impact at Imperial College London (download) Imperial College London 2015
Hughes, Mollogón Globalisation, Universities and the patenting of inventions, State of the Relationship (download) NCUB 2014
Hughes Hunting the Snark? In pursuit of the fabulous six percent, State of the Relationship (download) NCUB 2014
Hughes Keeping a sense of perspective: Which businesses collaborate with universities, why do they do it and how can collaboration be enhanced? State of the Relationship (download) NCUB 2014
Hughes, Haskel, Bascavusoglu-Moreau The Economic Significance of the UK Science Base: A report for the Campaign for Science and Engineering (download) CaSE and UK~IRC 2014
Hughes, Kitson Connecting with the Ivory Tower: Business Perspectives on Knowledge Exchange in the UK, A Report from the Centre for Business Research (download) UK~IRC and NCUB 2013
UK~IRC Cultural Connections: The Role of the Arts and Humanities in Competitiveness and Local Development (download) UK~IRC – CBR 2013
UK~IRC The Dual funding Structure for Research in the UK: Research Council and Funding Council allocation Methods and the Pathways to Impact of UK Academics (download) CIHE-UK~IRC 2013
Hughes, Moore, Ulrichsen Measuring and Demonstrating Performance and Impact from University-Industry Endeavours HEFCE, PACEC, CBR 2013
Hughes, Mina The UK R&D Landscape (download) UK~IRC and CIHE 2012
Hughes, Docherty, Eyton, Pearce Growing Value – Business-University Collaboration for the 21st Century (download) CIHE-UK~IRC Enhancing Value Task Force 2012
Hughes (with PACEC) Analysis of TSB University Engagement Practices (download) PACEC and CBR 2012
Hughes, Martin Enhancing Impact: The Value of Public Sector R&D (download) UK~IRC and CIHE 2012
Hughes, Kitson, Probert, Bullock, Milner Hidden Connections: Knowledge Exchange Between the Arts and Humanities and the Private, Public and Third Sectors (download) Arts and Humanities Research Council 2011
Hughes (with PACEC) The Higher Education Knowledge Exchange System in the United States. A Report for HEFCE PACEC 2010
Hughes (with PACEC) Knowledge Exchange and the Generation of Civic and Community Impacts, A Report for HEFCE (download) PACEC 2010
Hughes (with PACEC) Synergies and Trade-offs between Research, Teaching and Knowledge Exchange. A Report for HEFCE (download) PACEC 2010
Hughes (with PACEC) The Intellectual Property Regime and its Implications for Knowledge Exchange, A report to HEFCE (download) PACEC 2010
Salter, Tartari, D’Este The Republic of Engagement (download) Advanced Institute of Management 2010
Hughes (with PACEC) The Evolution of the Infrastructure of the Knowledge Exchange System, A report to HEFCE (download) PACEC 2009
Hughes (with PACEC) Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Role of HEFCE/OSI Third Stream Funding: Culture Change and Embedding Capacity in the Higher Education Sector Toward Greater Economic Impact, A report to HEFCE (download) PACEC 2009
Hughes, Abreu, Grinevich, Kitson Knowledge Exchange between Academics and the Business, Public and Third Sectors (download) CBR 2009
Hughes, Abreu, Grinevich, Kitson, Ternouth Universities, Business and Knowledge Exchange (download) CIHE and CBR 2009
D’Este, Salter, Bruneel, Neely Searching for Talent and Technology: Examining the Attitudes of EPSRC Industrial Collaborators Towards Universities (download) Advanced Institute of Management 2009