Flying in from Boston, USA to speak to a group of female entrepreneurs at her alma mater in London UK, Dr Beth Marcus reflected on a long and exciting career as a serial entrepreneur. Beth had worn many hats throughout her lifetime, characterised by investors and media pundits at various points as a ‘tech guru’, ‘SheEO’ and ‘doctor’ of ailing start-ups. Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Beth had faced a series of inflection points that had nearly brought an end to ventures she had started or advised. Sharing these war stories with a younger generation of entrepreneurs got her thinking: How do technology entrepreneurs monetize and scale their innovations? How do you influence partners, customers or teams to succeed? What is the key to picking a winning start-up team, one that could continually overcome the challenges of a rapidly growing business? Towards the end, a student’s hand shot up to ask the question: ‘What is the single most important advice you could give to a female entrepreneur?’, Beth looked across the faces of so many young, over-achievers and future leaders, no different to herself at that age, and said with a smile, ‘fail fast and often’.

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Topics/Industry: hardwarescale-upstechnology

Publication date: 21/03/2017

Published by: Imperial Enterprise LabAuthors: Alice Miksowa, Alice Tang, Chris Corbishley, Stephanie Hodgson, Yaqing WeiLength: 16 pages

Geography: USA

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