Postcode Anywhere: Building Ambidextrous Organisations

Guy Mucklow (CEO) and Jamie Turner (CTO) set up Postcode Anywhere (PCA) in 2001. Their data technology has made them one of the leading providers of cloud-based address management services, processing over four million transactions per day through their platform. With over 8,000 customers ranging from government departments and FTSE 500 companies to self-service SMEs, PCA accounts for roughly 50% of all addresses captured through UK ecommerce websites. This case examines the background and rationale for how a business, which has grown at a relatively healthy rate of 30% annually on 30%-plus pre-tax margins, is looking to change its focus to a more aggressive growth target of 50% annual growth over the next 5 years to a £50 million turnover. It will explore the implications for how that might be achieved in a domestic market for the company’s current services which are both competitive and relatively mature, as well as the organisational and strategic challenges to their current business model.


Topics/Industry: ambidexterityanalyticscapabilitiese-commerceexplorationinnovation

Publication date: 01/06/2014

Published by: ELITE

Authors: Chris Corbishley, Gerry George

Length: 9 pages

Geography: UK

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