Tower of Saviors or Toilet of Plagiarists? The Tale of a Mobile Game

The case illustrates how Mad Head Limited (“Mad Head”), the developer of a smash hit mobile game, Tower of Saviors (“TOS”), became financially successful by imitating another well-known product on the market. The story presents background on the founders and the company from its inception as an e-cards business to the release of TOS. The case is intended to stimulate debates on topics such as imitation vs. innovation, viable business models for start-ups and the ethical concerns associated with an imitative approach. If time permits, the instructor can also guide discussion to more in-depth topics such as the distinction between Schumpeter’s and Kirzner’s views on entrepreneurship and their economic implications.


Topics/Industry: business modelscopycatsimitationinnovation

Publication date: 12/12/2014

Published by: Asia Case Research Centre

Authors: Chris Corbishley, Yanfeng Zheng

Length: 25 pages

Teaching notes: Available

Geography: China

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