Discussion Papers

Discussion papers are freely downloadable and present the latest research and ideas from Faculty and researchers at the Business School for circulation and comment.

From July 2013, the School’s main discussion paper series incorporates new papers from the Centre for Hedge Fund Research.  For CHFR papers before July 2013, please click here.

Discussion papers 2011 – 2017

Authors Title Department Date
Carol Corrado, Jonathan Haskel, Cecilia Jona-Lasinio
Productivity growth, capital reallocation and the financial crisis: evidence from Europe and the US Management June 2018
Does global drug innovation correspond to burden of disease? The neglected diseases in developed and developing countries Management October 2017
Peter Goodridge, Jonathan Haskel and Harald Edquist
Network effects and productive
externalities from ICT and knowledge
Management October 2017
Harald Edquist, Peter Goodridge, Jonathan Haskel, Xuan Li and Edward Lindquist
How important are mobile broadband networks for global economic development? Management June 2017
Olayinka Williams, Nguyen V. Quyen
The integration of wind power and
hydropower in an electricity market
with a large hydroelectric generator
Management August 2016
Intangibles, mismeasurement and the international productivity slowdown Management July 2016
Reshma Bharamgoudar, Karl Elmqvist, Shiqu Qiu, Maxime Rigaudy,
Jasper Vink, Chuyan Yu, Yuanpei Zhang, Andreas B. Eisingerich
Tailoring and utilising gamification to facilitate behaviour change Management June 2016
Peter Goodridge, Jonathan Haskel Big Data in UK industries: An intangible investment approach Management May 2016
Yusuf Sherwani, Maroof Ahmed, Mohammed Muntasir, Abdulrahman El-Hilly, Sheeraz Iqbal, Sarim Siddiqui, Zaid Al-Fagih, Omar Usmani, Andreas B. Eisingerich Examining the role of gamification and use of mHealth apps in the context of smoking cessation: a review of extant knowledge and outlook Management August 2015
Peter Goodridge, Jonathan Haskel How does big data affect GDP? Theory and evidence for the UK Management July 2015
Peter Goodridge, Jonathan Haskel How much is UK business investing in big data? Management July 2015
Omar Chebli, Peter Goodridge, Jonathan Haskel Measuring activity in big data: new estimates of big data employment in the UK market sector Management July 2015
Peter Goodridge, Jonathan Haskel, Alan Hughes, Gavin Wallis The contribution of public and private R&D to UK productivity growth Management March 2015
Peter Goodridge, Jonathan Haskel, Gavin Wallis Accounting for the UK productivity puzzle: a decomposition and predictions Management February 2015
Paolo Li Donni, Ranjeeta Thomas Risk preference heterogeneity and multiple demand for insurance Management November 2014
Ranjeeta Thomas Foreign aid and HIV infections: evidence of causal effects from country-level panel data Management November 2014
Peter GoodridgeJonathan Haskel, Gavin Wallis The “C” in ICT: communications capital, spillovers and UK growth Management November 2014
Antoine Dechezleprêtre, Caterina Gennaioli, Ralf Martin, Mirabelle Muûls Searching for carbon leaks in multinational companies Management September 2014
Antoine Dechezleprêtre, Ralf Martin, Myra Mohnen Knowledge spillovers from clean and dirty technologies Management September 2014
Giovanni Crea, Marisa Miraldo, Roberta Longo, Andrew Street Collusion in regulated pluralistic markets Management August 2014
Carol Corrado, Jonathan Haskel, Cecilia Jona-Lasinio Knowledge spillovers, ICT and productivity growth Management July 2014
Jonathan Haskel, Alan Hughes, Elif Bascavusoglu-Moreau The economic significance of the UK science base: a report for the Campaign for Science and Engineering Management April 2014
Peter GoodridgeJonathan Haskel, Gavin Wallis Estimating UK investment in intangible assets and Intellectual Property Rights Management April 2014
Peter Goodridge Film, television & radio, books, music and art: estimating UK investment in artistic originals Management March 2014
Peter GoodridgeJonathan Haskel, Gavin Wallis UK investment in intangible assets: Report for NESTA Management February 2014
Matteo M Galizzi, Marisa Miraldo, Charitini Stavropoulou Doctor-patient differences in risk preferences, and their links to decision-making: a field experimen Health Management December 2013
Matteo M Galizzi, Marisa Miraldo, Charitini Stavropoulou In sickness but not in wealth:Field evidence on patients’risk preferences in the financial and health domain Health Management December 2013
Massimiliano Amarante, Mario Ghossoub, Edmund Phelps Innovation, entrepreneurship and Knightian uncertainty Finance November 2013
Mauro Laudicella, Paolo Li Donni, Peter C. Smith Hospital quality and costs: evidence from England Health Management October 2013
Eliana BarrenhoMarisa MiraldoPeter C. Smith The determinants of attrition in drug development: a duration analysis Health Management October 2013
Simone Ghislandi, Wanwiphang Manachotphong, VivianaM.E. Perego The impact of Universal Health Coverage on healthcare consumption and risky behaviours: evidence from Thailand Health Management June 2013
Peter GoodridgeJonathan Haskel, Gavin Wallis Can intangible investment explain the UK productivity puzzle? Organisation and Management May 2013
Carol Corrado, Jonathan Haskel, Cecilia Jona-Lasinio, Massimiliano Iommi Innovation and intangible investment in Europe, Japan and the US Organisation and Management May 2013
Rodrigo Moreno-SerraPeter C. Smith Towards an index of health coverage Health Management December 2012
Philippe Aghion, Antoine Dechezleprêtre, David Hemous, Ralf Martin, John Van Reenen Carbon taxes, path dependency and directed technical change: evidence from the auto industry Organisation and Management December 2012
Peter GoodridgeJonathan Haskel, Gavin Wallis Spillovers from R&D and other intangible investment: evidence from UK industries Organisation and Management August 2012
Iain StaffellRichard Green The cost of domestic fuel cell micro-CHP systems Organisation and Management July 2012
Peter GoodridgeJonathan Haskel, Gavin Wallis UK Innovation Index: productivity and growth in UK industries Organisation and Management July 2012
Carol Corrado, Jonathan Haskel, Cecilia Jona-Lasinio, Massimiliano Iommi Intangible capital and growth in advanced economies: measurement methods and comparative results Organisation and Management July 2012
Elena Pizzo, Michael Rayment, Alicia Thornton, Ann Sullivan Cost-effectiveness of HIV testing in non-traditional settings – the HINTS study Health Management July 2012
Bruce Tether, Cher Li, Andrea Mina Knowledge-bases, places, spatial configurations and the performance of knowledge-intensive professional service firms Innovation and Entrepreneurship June 2012
Mauro Laudicella, Paolo Li Donni, Peter C Smith Hospital readmission rates: signal of failure or success? Healthcare Management February 2012
Martin Gaynor, Mauro LaudicellaCarol Propper Can governments do it better? Merger mania and hospital outcomes in the English NHS Healthcare Management January 2012
Carol Corrado, Peter GoodridgeJonathan Haskel Constructing a price deflator for R&D: calculating the price of knowledge investments as a residual Healthcare Management November 2011
Mariela Dal Borgo, Peter GoodridgeJonathan Haskel, Annarosa Pesole Productivity and growth in UK industries: an intangible investment approach Healthcare Management November 2011
Richard Cookson, Mauro Laudicella, Paolo Li Donni Does hospital competition harm equity? Evidence from the English National Health Service Healthcare Management October 2011
Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder School meal crowd out in the 1980s Healthcare Management July 2011
Jonathan Haskel , Alberto Iozzi, Tommaso Valletti Market structure, countervailing power and price discrimination: the case of airports Healthcare Management May 2011
Jonathan Haskel, Annarosa Pesole Productivity and innovation in UK financial se rvices: an intangible assets approach Healthcare Management May 2011
Elena Pizzo An estimate of costs and benefits of alternative methods of delivery: an empirical analysis Healthcare Management February 2011

Discussion papers 2009-2010

Authors Title Research group Date
Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder, George Davey Smith, Debbie A. L awlor, Carol Propper, Frank Windmeijer Child height, health and human capital: evidence using genetic markers Healthcare Management September 2010
Ileana Stigliani, Anne-Laure Fayard Designing new customer experiences: a study of socio-material practices in service design Innovation and Entrepreneurship June 2010
Peter Smith Incorporating financial protection into the economic evaluation of health technologies Healthcare Management June 2010
Alberto Iozzi, Tommaso Valletti Vertical bargaining and countervailing power Organisation and Management June 2010
Nicholas Bloom, Carol Propper, St ephan Seiler, John Van Reenen The impact of competition on management quality: evidence from public hospitals Healthcare Management June 2010
Enrico Bracci, Elena Pizzo, Emidia Vagnoni, Janneke Wilschut, Marjolein van Ballegooijen Cost-effectiveness analysis of a FOBT-based colorectal screening programme Healthcare Management March 2010
Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder, George Davey Smith, Debbie A. Lawlor, Carol Propper, Frank Windmeijer Genetic markers as instrumental variables: an application to child fat mass and academic achievement Healthcare Management March 2010
Fernando Galindo-Rueda, Jonathan Haskel, Annarosa
How much does the UK employ, spend and invest in design? Healthcare Management March 2010
Karl Wennberg, Bruce Tether,Cher Li, Andrea Mina Turning digital: diversification in UK design consultancy services Innovation and Entrepreneurship March 2010
David W. Johnston, Carol Propper, Stephen E. Pudney, Michael A. Shields Is there an income gradient in child health? It depends whom you ask Healthcare Management March 2010
Jonathan Haskel et al Innovation, knowledge spending and productivity growth in the UK: interim report for NESTA ‘Innovation Index’ project Healthcare Management February 2010
Jonathan Haskel, Gavin Wallis (UCL) Public support for innovation, intangible investment and productivity growth in the UK market sector Healthcare Management February 2010
Andreas Eisingerich et al What makes brands achieve iconic status? Organisation and  Management August 2009
Charitini Stavropoulou, Dionysius Glycopantis The doctor-patient relationship under general conditions of uncertainty Healthcare Management July 2009
Giorgia Marini, Marisa Miraldo Economies of scale and scope in the English hospital sector Healthcare Management July 2009
Roberta Longo, Marisa Miraldo , Andrew Street Price regulation of pluralistic markets subject to provider collusion
Healthcare Management January 2009