Power StationRecent developments in renewable energy technologies and new regulations to mitigate climate change seek to push the adoption of new, environmentally sustainable energy technologies. Mounting scientific evidence of the reality and potentially devastating consequences of global climate change underline the urgency of such adoption.

A successful adoption of a sustainable energy infrastructure is not dependent on technological innovation and regulations alone, however, but is likely to require major changes in how societies are organised, how businesses are managed and how people live. Therefore, a successful transition to a sustainable energy infrastructure is possible only if technological innovation is coupled with economic, business model and social innovation.

Our Projects

In the accordion below we outline all of the Energy Business Research Lab’s projects by theme:

Business Model Innovation
In this theme we analyse business model innovation that enables the effective implementation of new energy technologies. An important aspect of such business models has to do with strategies to proactively facilitate the adoption of new energy technologies in energy adoption landscapes. This theme runs the following projects:
Infrastructure for New Energy Technologies
We study the challenge of building and delivering the infrastructure required by new energy technologies. This theme focuses on the following projects:
Consumer Adoption and Use Behaviour
Interconnected with first two themes we examine the factors influencing consumer adoption behaviours in the following projects:
Commodity Futures Markets
In this theme we model commodity futures markets and their interaction with physical markets: