Sustainable Energy Adoption Landscapes

Researchers: Professor Erkko Autiomaterials

In this research project we explore strategies for value creation in sustainable energy technologies and for the navigation of complex adoption landscapes in this domain. We seek to understand how the adoption landscapes are structured in sustainable energy fields and how they can be navigated to ensure successful adoption. Our specific focus is on identifying sources of adoption momentum and understanding ways how technology providers can build and harness such momentum to facilitate the adoption of their technologies.

The diffusion of sustainable energy technologies is a complex economic and institutional process, which directly affects a large number of stakeholders. The successful diffusion of sustainable energy technologies therefore requires sophisticated institutional and business strategies, as providers of sustainable energy technologies seek to navigate the complex adoption landscape.

The outcomes of this research help providers of sustainable energy technologies understand how to effectively commercialise new energy technologies and thus create and realise economic value from energy innovation. We also seek to contribute policy insight on how to best facilitate the adoption process. As a theoretical contribution, we seek to develop a model of technology adoption landscapes in the energy sector and contribute insight on their institutional dynamics.