Past Placements


Graduate Placements

In recent years, our PhD students have joined leading universities, research centres and institutions such as University College London, Copenhagen Business School, the Bank of England, Credit Suisse, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Morgan Stanley, King’s College London, HSBC and Renmin University in China.

The doctoral programme has been re-structured in recent years to focus on academic development and it is anticipated that upcoming placements will focus more on academia than industry.


2016/17 graduates

Finance department

Yuxin Zhang                       Assistant Professor of Finance, Renmin University, China

Niklas Neumann              Analyst at JP Morgan, UK

Caterina Lepore                Economist, Bank of England, UK

Jingjing Ariel Sun              Financial Risk Manager, Just Group, UK

Jian Xun Li                           Associate Director, UBS Investment Bank

Valentina Lorusso             The European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA), France