Finance Journal Publications 2018

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AuthorsTitleJournalVolumePublication Date
Kacperczyk, M., Nosal, J., Stevens, L.Investor Sophistication and Capital Income InequalityJournal Of Monetary Economics November 2018
Cathcart, L., El-Jahel, L., Evans, L., Shi, Y.Excess comovement in credit default swap markets: Evidence from the CDX indicesJournal Of Financial Markets October 2018
Anagol, S., Balasubramaniam, V., Ramadorai, T.Endowment Effects in the Field: Evidence from India's IPO LotteriesReview Of Economic StudiesVolume 85, pp.1971-2004October 2018
Allen, F., Bartiloro, L., Gu, X., Kowalewski, O.Does economic structure determine financial structure?Journal Of International EconomicsVolume 114, pp.389-409September 2018
Allen, F., Carletti, E., Goldstein, I., Leonello, A.Government guarantees and financial stabilityJournal Of Economic TheoryVolume 177, pp.518-557September 2018
Allen, F., Goldstein, I., Jagtiani, J.The Interplay among Financial Regulations, Resilience, and GrowthJournal Of Financial Services ResearchVolume 53, pp.141-162June 2018
Allen, F., Gu, X.The Interplay between Regulations and Financial StabilityJournal Of Financial Services ResearchVolume 53, pp.233-248June 2018
Hansman, C., Hjort, J., Leon, G.Interlinked firms and the consequences of piecemeal regulationJournal Of The European Economic Association May 2018
Pagnotta, E.S., Philippon, T.Competing on SpeedEconometricaVolume 86, pp.1067-1115May 2018
Ibragimov, M., Ibragimov, R., Kattuman, P., Ma, J.Income inequality and price elasticity of market demand: the case of crossing Lorenz curvesEconomic TheoryVolume 65, pp.729-750May 2018
Badarinza, C., Campbell, J.Y., Ramadorai, T.What Calls to ARMs? International Evidence on Interest Rates and the Choice of Adjustable-Rate MortgagesManagement ScienceVolume 64, pp.2275-2288May 2018
Allen, F., Fukuda, S-I., Hoshi, T., Miyajima, H.Corporate governance: Editor's introductionJournal Of The Japanese And International EconomiesVolume 47, pp.1-2March 2018
Ibragimov, R., Jaffee, D., Walden, J.Equilibrium with Monoline and Multiline StructuresReview Of FinanceVolume 22, pp.595-632March 2018
Ibragimov, M., Ibragimov, R.Heavy tails and upper-tail inequality: The case of RussiaEmpirical EconomicsVolume 54, pp.823-837March 2018
Allen, F., Carletti, E., Grinstein, Y.International evidence on firm level decisions in response to the crisis: Shareholders vs. other stakeholdersJournal Of The Japanese And International EconomiesVolume 47, pp.3-16March 2018
Gu, Z., Ibragimov, R.The Cubic Law of the Stock Returns in emerging marketsJournal Of Empirical FinanceVolume 46, pp.182-190March 2018
Bedendo, M., Cathcart, L., El-Jahel, L.Reputational shocks and the information content of credit ratingsJournal Of Financial StabilityVolume 34, pp.44-60February 2018
Eastwood, J.P., Hapgood, M.A., Biffis, E., Benedetti, D., Bisi, M.M., Green, L., Bentley, R.D., Burnett, C.Quantifying the Economic Value of Space Weather Forecasting for Power Grids: An Exploratory StudySpace Weather January 2018