Book Chapters

Authors Chapter Title Book Title Year
Savedoff W., Smith P. C., Measuring governance for accountability, management and research in Greer, Wismar, Figueras (eds) Strengthening Heath System Governance Better Policies, Stronger Performance ISBN: 9780335261345 2015
Barlow J.G. Innovation and learning in complex offshore construction projects in Flyvbjerg (ed) Megaproject Planning and Management Essential Readings, Publisher: Edward Elgar Pub, ISBN: 9781781001707 2014
Barlow J.G. Strengthening the spread of innovation in the UK’s National Health Service in Osborne, Brown (eds), Handbook of Innovation in Public Services, Edward Elgar Pub, ISBN:9781849809740 2013
Barlow J.G., Hendy J., Chrysanthaki T. Scaling-­‐up remote care in the United Kingdom: Lessons from a decade of policy intervention in Glascock, Kutzik (eds), Essential Lessons for the Success of Telehomecare. Why it’s not plug and play, IOS Press Inc, ISBN:9781607509936 2012