Journal 2018

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AuthorsTitleJournalVolumePublication Date
Laudicella, M., Martin, S., Donni, P.L., Smith, P.C.Do Reduced Hospital Mortality Rates Lead to Increased Utilization of Inpatient Emergency Care? A Population-Based Cohort StudyHealth Services ResearchVolume 53, pp.2324-2345August 2018
Azupogo, F., Aurino, E., Gelli, A., Bosompem, K.M., Ayi, I., Osendarp, S.J.M., Brouwer, I.D., Folson, G.Agro-ecological zone and farm diversity are factors associated with haemoglobin and anaemia among rural school-aged children and adolescents in Ghana.Maternal & Child Nutrition July 2018
Propper, C.Competition in health care: Lessons from the English experienceHealth Economics, Policy And LawVolume 13, pp.492-508July 2018
Pimpin, L., Retat, L., Fecht, D., de Preux, L., Sassi, F., Gulliver, J., Belloni, A., Ferguson, B., Corbould, E., Jaccard, A.Estimating the costs of air pollution to the National Health Service and social care: An assessment and forecast up to 2035Plos Medicine July 2018
Olney, J.J., Eaton, J.W., Braitstein, P., Hogan, J.W., Hallett, T.B.Optimal timing of HIV home-based counselling and testing rounds in Western KenyaJournal Of The International Aids Society June 2018
de Preux, L.B., Rizmie, D.Beyond financial efficiency to support environmental sustainability in economic evaluationsFuture Healthcare Journal June 2018
Sassi, F., Belloni, A., Mirelman, A.J., Suhrcke, M., Thomas, A., Salti, N., Vellakkal, S., Visaruthvong, C., Popkin, B.M., Nugent, R.Equity impacts of price policies to promote healthy behavioursLancetVolume 391, pp.2059-2070May 2018
Nugent, R., Bertram, M.Y., Jan, S., Niessen, L.W., Sassi, F., Jamison, D.T., Pier, E.G., Beaglehole, R.Investing in non-communicable disease prevention and management to advance the Sustainable Development GoalsLancetVolume 391, pp.2029-2035May 2018
Antonacci, G., Reed, J.E., Lennox, L., Barlow, J.The use of process mapping in healthcare quality improvement projectsHealth Services Management ResearchVolume 31, pp.74-84May 2018
Laudicella, M., Walsh, B., Burns, E., Li Donni, P., Smith, P.C.What is the impact of rerouting a cancer diagnosis from emergency presentation to GP referral on resource use and survival? Evidence from a population-based studyBmc Cancer April 2018
Friebel, R., Hauck, K., Aylin, P.Centralisation of acute stroke services in London: Impact evaluation using two treatment groupsHealth EconomicsVolume 27, pp.722-732April 2018
Goiana-Da-Silva, F., Nunes, A.M., Miraldo, M., Bento, A., Breda, J., Araujo, F.F.Taxation in Public Health Service: The Experience in Taxation of Sugary Drinks in Portugal (vol 4, pg 233, 2018)Acta Medica PortuguesaVolume 31, pp.233-233April 2018
Goiana-Da-Silva, F., Nunes, A.M., Miraldo, M., Bento, A., Breda, J., Araujo, F.F.Using Pricing Policies to Promote Public Health: The Sugar Sweetened Beverages Taxation Experience in PortugalActa Medica PortuguesaVolume 31, pp.191-195April 2018
Smit, M., Olney, J., Ford, N.P., Vitoria, M., Gregson, S., Vassall, A., Hallett, T.B.The growing burden of noncommunicable disease among persons living with HIV in ZimbabweAidsVolume 32, pp.773-782March 2018
Weston, D., Hauck, K., Amlot, R.Infection prevention behaviour and infectious disease modelling: a review of the literature and recommendations for the futureBmc Public Health March 2018
Schott, W., Aurino, E., Penny, M.E., Behrman, J.R.Adolescent mothers' anthropometrics and grandmothers' schooling predict infant anthropometrics in Ethiopia, India, Peru, and VietnamAnnals Of The New York Academy Of SciencesVolume 1416, pp.86-106March 2018
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Ahmed, I., Ahmad, N.S., Ali, S., Ali, S., George, A., Danish, H.S., Uppal, E., Soo, J., Mobasheri, M.H., King, D.Medication adherence apps: Review and content analysisJournal Of Medical Internet Research March 2018
Friebel, R., Hauck, K., Aylin, P., Steventon, A.National trends in emergency readmission rates: a longitudinal analysis of administrative data for England between 2006 and 2016Bmj Open March 2018
Tranchant, J-P., Gelli, A., Bliznashka, L., Diallo, A.S., Sacko, M., Assima, A., Siegel, E.H., Aurino, E., Masset, E.The impact of food assistance on food insecure populations during conflict: Evidence from a quasi-experiment in MaliWorld Development March 2018
Bundy, D.A.P., de Silva, N., Horton, S., Patton, G.C., Schultz, L., Jamison, D.T.Investment in child and adolescent health and development: key messages from Disease Control Priorities, 3rd EditionLancetVolume 391, pp.687-699February 2018
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Weldon, S.M., Kelay, T., Ako, E., Cox, B., Bello, F., Kneebone, R.Sequential simulation used as a novel educational tool aimed at healthcare managers: a patient-centred approachBmj Simulation & Technology Enhanced LearningVolume 4, pp.13-18January 2018