Imperial Business Analtyics

Like a microscope is for medicine or a telescope is for astronomy, the KPMG Data Observatory is for data science a window into opportunity and risk in business.


Million pixels make up the total screen resolution


Monitors envelop a circular wall


Degrees of surround sound

Get a better look at your opportunities

To solve big problems, you need to think differently. The KPMG Data Observatory lets you see your data from virtually every angle, unlocking new perspectives and inspiring new strategies. With an immense data processing capacity, it the largest facility of its kind in Europe – and possibly the world.

Centred around our 310 degree visualisation space, the Data Observatory includes data science studios and conference facilities that allows you to sit down with academics and business advisors to co-create strategies that help solve your greatest challenges. Located in the new Data Science Institute at Imperial College London, the KPMG Data Observatory provides you with a connected, innovative  and immersive data environment.

Immerse yourself

Get a high-definition view of real-time data in an enveloping circular wall of 64 monitors with 310 degrees of surround vision and a total resolution of more than 130,000,000 pixels.

Data Observatory case studies

How artificial intelligence will affect bankers, lawyers and accountants

Bitcoin transactions

Snakes and ladders in a large bank

Data Observatory 360-degree video

To view this video

On a computer

You can view it from all angles just using a simple web browser. Just drag the screen around to view the video from different angles.

On a mobile device

For a better experience, we recommend viewing it on a mobile device. This will make use of the gyroscopes embedded in your device so you can move your phone around freely to explore the different angles.

The Virtual Reality Experience

For those of you looking for a totally immersive experience, you can also view it using a pair of simple VR goggles like Google Cardboard.