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Our expertise lies at the intersection of science, engineering and technology, helping firms to design and deliver integrated solutions for managing complex systems and services. Our innovation management, entrepreneurship and digital platform expertise can be used to implement ideas within your organisation, leading to the creation of tools and practices that allow you to capture value, enhance profitability and boost organisational learning.

Our research is applicable to numerous industries and services. We have considerable experience in construction, design, engineering, finance, health and social care, ICT, innovation and knowledge management, telecare and project-based industries. Find out about the impact of our work across sectors.

To work on your projects, we can offer:

Our unique position at the heart of Imperial College London with access to world-leading research in business, engineering, computer technologies and medicine that we can apply directly to your organisation.
Our research team of leading experts in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship who work extensively with public and private sector organisations, showing you how to create and capture value from your processes. Meet the team.
Our working style which is closely collaborative, non-hierarchical and practical. We encourage openness among all members of the research team –  academic and practitioner – inputting ideas even when individuals are not directly working on a project.
Our working practice that explores academic concepts through their application to real-world issues. Our research helps to develop strategies for managing project-based enterprises and, by engaging with research processes, helps to identify novel and optimal methods for success

If you would like more information on our projects or are interested in working with us, please contact us.

Work with us to

  • Identify and assess the level of innovation and how to develop it
  • Recognise and tackle major challenges
  • Debate key issues, how they affect you and how to manage them
  • Understand where internal knowledge and expertise exist
  • Learn best practice from other innovation world-leaders
  • Be inspired by our internationally renowned faculty