Archive Events 2016

Archive Events 2016

Below you will find a list of the all events run by the Department for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in 2016. You can also view our previous events in 2018 20172015 20142013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009.


14 December I&E External Seminar Series:  Dovev Lavie, Technion Israel Institute of Technology gave this talk
9 December I&E External Seminar Series: Colleen Cunningham, Duke University gave this talk
8 December I&E External Seminar Series: Philipp Cornelius, UCL gave this talk
1 December  I&E External Seminar Series: Ramzi Fathallah, Ivey Business School gave this talk


30 November I&E External Seminar Series: Charlene Zietsma, Schulich School of Business gave this talk
30 November I&E Start! Challenge Final 2016 – The Entrepreneurship Hub’s annual Business Plan Competition finals and ceremony
29 November I&E External Seminar Series: Thomas B Lawrence, Said Business School gave this joint talk with the Department of Management
16 November I&E External Seminar Series: Bala Vissa (INSEAD) will give this talk
10 November I&E External Seminar Series:  Christian Hampel, Cambridge Judge Business School
2 November I&E Paper Development Workshop: Dmitry Sharapov & Jan Ross – Whom Should a Leader Imitate?


28 October Publication Bootcamp – Senior Editor of Organization Science, Tiziana Casciaro, hosted this paper development discussion workshop
27 October I&E External Seminar Series: Tiziana Casciaro (Toronto) gave this talk


28 September I&E External Seminar Series: Vivianna Fang (ETH Zurich) gave this talk
27 September I&E Paper Development Workshop: Markus Perkmann and Riccardo Fini presented a paper on signaling and identity effects


11-23 July – Gandhi Centre Summer School


23-24 June – Centre for Management Buy Out Research 30th Anniversary Conference – A 1.5 day conference celebrating the work of the Centre
21 June – How to scale social impact: Investing in social innovations – Latest in the Entrepreneurship Hub’s Best Pratice Series
09-10 June – I&E Conversation: Organizing for Innovation – Second annual conference organised by the department
01 June – I&E Paper Development Workshop: Bart Clarysse (with Petra Andries and Sergio Costa) – Disentangling the Technology to Market Problem: How do Technology Ventures Search for New Markets?


25 May – Best Practice in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Design – Achieving Success in International Marketing and Ecommerce
24 May – I&E External Seminar Series: Elena Novelli, Cass Business School will give this talk
20 May – TRIC Workshop: An invitation only workshop on academic engagement with industry
19 May – I&E External Seminar Series: Janet Berkovitz, College of Business Illinois gave this talk
18 May – Catalysing Economic Growth: Releasing the Value of Big Data Workshop – an invitation only event summarising findings from a 3 year research project
18 May – I&E External Seminar Series: Siobhan O’Mahony, Boston University gave this talk
12 May – I&E External Seminar Series: Tom Dean, Colorado State University gave this talk
4 May – I&E Paper Development Workshop: This seminar was cancelled.


21 April – Best Practice in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Design – Innovation and imitation in copycat business models: Is it a simple case of ‘zero to one’?
25 April – Role and impact of DLT in government – An evening a roundtable. This event was invitation only
20 April – I&E External Seminar Series: Ha Hoang, ESSEC Business School gave this talk
18 April – JMS Special Issues Workshop: One day paper development workshop organised by Mike Wright and Valentina Tartari
07 April – I&E Paper Development Workshop: Erkko Autio – “Lean internationalization


10 March – “Suits in the Garage” Can technology restore trust in the financial sector – Part of the Entrepreneurship Hub’s Best Practice Series
09 March – I&E External Seminar Series: Viba Gaba, INSEAD gave this talk
02 March I&E Paper Development Workshop: HeeJung Jung will give this talk on The Impact of Cultural Tightness on Knowledge-based Performance – CANCELLED


22 February – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare – Part of the Entrepreneurship Hub’s Best Practice Series
23 February – Healthtech Idea Hack: Innovation in eyecare – event organised by the Entrepreneurship Hub
03 February – I&E External Seminar Series – Thorsten Grohsjean, LMU gave this talk


28 January – Best Practice in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Design – Deep Science (Pre) Acceleration: Hype or Hope? – The first in the Entrepreneurship Hub’s Best Practice Series
28 January – Transnational Learnings: The Accelerator’s Effect on the start-up Ecosystem – One day workshop organised by Mike Wright and Jonas Van Hove
20 January – I&E External Seminar Series: Matthew Bothner, ESMT gave this talk
11 January – I&E External Seminar Series: Aleksandra Kacperczyk, MIT Sloan School of Management gave this talk
07 January – I&E External Seminar Series: Jeff Reuer, Krannert School of Management gave this talk
06 January – I&E Paper Development Workshop: Antoine Vernet gave this talk.