Archive Events 2017

Archive Events 2017

Below you will find a list of the all events run by the Department for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in 2017. You can also view our previous events in 2018 2016, 201520142013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009.


5 December I & E Paper Development Workshop: Cancelled


1 November I & E Paper Development Workshop: Christian Hampel – From Pivot to Protest
6 November I & E External Seminar Series: Nicole Coviello, Wilfrid Laurier University


18 October I & E External Seminar Series: Samira Dias Dos Reis, Carlos III University
25 October I & E External Seminar Series: Nilanjana Dutt, Bocconi University


2 June Qualitative Publishing Workshop: From Data To Coding To Contribution: The Craft of Developing Publishable Qualitative Research: Kevin Corley from Arizona State University
9 June I&E Paper Development Workshop: Jaemin Lee – Why might companies license their valuable assets to their competitors especially when the assets can be commercialized easily?
22-23 June I&E Conversation 2017: The department’s annual conference which this year focuses on Ecosystems for Entrepreneurship and Innovation


3 May I&E Paper Development Workshop: Cancelled


19 April I&E External Seminar Series: Filippo Carlo Wezel from USI gave this talk
5 April I&E Paper Development Workshop: Cancelled
4 April I&E External Seminar Series: Kenneth Huang Guanh, Lih, NUS gave this talk


20 March Scaling Start-Ups. The Exciting Nightmare of Managing High-Growth Businesses – Enterprise Lab event in White City
17 March I&E External Seminar Series: Amit Jain, NUS, gave this talk
8 March I&E Paper Development Workshop: Marine Mograbyan – New Venture Internationalisation in the Digital Age


22 February Next Practice Series: Disrupting the Service Economy – Regular event series hosted by the Imperial Enterprise Lab
15 February I&E External Seminar Series: Gianluca Carnabuci, ESMT gave this talk
10 February I&E Paper Development Workshop: Maria Gradillas presented a paper on The Role of Collaboration in Emerging Technological Fields: The Case of Smart Grids


31 January I&E External Seminar Series: Richard Arend, University of Missouri-Kansas gave this talk
27 January Next Practice: Successful entrepreneurs: Grand visionaries or piecemeal tacticians? – Regular event series hosted by Imperial Enterprise Lab
23 January I&E External Seminar Series: Elsa Chan, University of Colorado Boulder gave this talk
19 January I&E External Seminar Series: Kenneth Younge, EPFL gave this talk
18 January I&E External Seminar Series: Jacqueline Kirtley, Boston University gave this talk
10 January I&E External Seminar Series: Timothy Ott, Stanford University gave this talk