European Knowledge-Sharing Event on R&D capitalisation (EKSERD)


*Dates: 17-18 December 2012

Venue: Imperial College London

ContactDaniel KerDonna Carpenter, and Chris Steer

Sponsors: UK~IRC, Office for National Statistics

About the Conference

This event aimed to progress the on-going work to capitalise R&D in European countries, helping to ensure the production of good quality, internationally comparable statistics for inclusion in the National Accounts from 2014 onwards. It will:

  • Cover the whole range of issues in R&D capitalisation from sources, through estimation of R&D aggregates, presentation and integration in the National Accounts, and evaluation of the quality of the estimates produced
  •  Provide a forum for the detailed discussion of these issues with a focus on group work (rather than plenary presentations) whereby all countries can share experiences and issues faced and work together to identify solutions and best practice
  • Provide an opportunity for countries to share work they have been doing in their areas of research focus
  • Allow delegates to build long-term, productive working relationships based on their discussion of shared challenges and interests
  • Bring together source providers and compilers to achieve shared understanding of the needs of different parties and to start to identify areas for potential convergence between the Frascati Manual  and National Accounts Frameworks


The topics listed below were included.

Sources, Data, and Estimation

  • Questionnaire changes -what changes have countries made and countries’ experiences
  • Consistency of Frascati Manual sources with other sources of R&D data (eg. SBS)
  • Sources available for estimation of GFCF by industry
  • Service lives of R&D assets
  • International trade in R&D services (including intra-enterprise R&D)
  • Double counting with other intangibles (ie. software)
  • Costs of capital in the estimate of R&D output
  • Depreciation of R&D assets
  • Deflators for R&D (including alternatives to input-based deflators)

Sector-specific Issues

  • Public sector R&D and issues for key aggregates such as EDP

Presentation and Integration in the National Accounts

  • Need, purpose, and use of estimates – analytical and policy needs
  • Integration in the Supply-Use framework
  • Presentation in the Integrated Economic Accounts

Evaluation of Estimates

  • International comparability of R&D statistics
  • International comparisons of capitalisation methods and results