Global Entrepreneurship Development Index Launches

Dates: 24 April 2012 and 1 March 2011

Venue: V&A Musuem

Outputs: Research feature pagesbriefing paper; Media Coverage; Videos; Research Celebration Impact Video

The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index is a tool for understanding the complex interactions of individual and institutional variables that regulate levels of entrepreneurship and economic development. The Index is having a direct impact on the design and implementation of entrepreneurship and job-creation policy in both established and emerging economies. GEDI covers 100 countries and is influencing local policy to enhance entrepreneurial performance.

GEDI Events

The department has held two events in 2011 and 2012 to promote the Index attended by a range of academics, policy-makers and economists with a keen interest in how the UK can develop an effective culture of high-growth, high-value and sustainable entrepreneurship.

24th April 2012: GEDI One Year On

This event was hosted by Professor Erkko Autio, presented and updated Index and featured an speech by David Willetts, Minister for Universities and Science on Building an Entrepreneurial Britain. Other speakers included GEDI developers Professor Autio (Imperial College London), Professor Zoltan Acs (George Mason) and Professor Mark Hart (Aston) who analysed its UK and Global application. The event concluded with a panel discussion on designing an entrepreneurial Britain, featuring Robert Crawford, Director of Innovaion, Investment and Growth at NESTA and Adam Hardy, Enterprise Directorate, BIS.

1 March 2011: GEDI Launch 

This launch, hosted by Imperial Business School and in partnership with George Mason University (US)  looked at both the composition and methodology of the Index itself, and explored its application in policy design in the UK context.  Speakers included the GEDI developers Professors Erkko Autio,  Zoltan Acs (George Mason) and  (Aston). The event was held at the V&A for around 100 people.