I&E Conversation 2015

Imperial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conversation (IEC)

Royal Soc 2Date: 18-19 June 2015

Venue: Royal Society, Carlton Terrace, London

Organizing committee: Markus Perkmann, Erkko Autio, Bart Clarysse, Paola Criscuolo, Mike Wright.

At this workshop scholars presented and discussed their research on central themes in innovation and entrepreneurship. This year’s focus was on universities and their role in innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems. Universities and other public science organizations engage with their environments in a variety of ways, and are encouraged by policy makers to achieve impact on economy and society. The areas considered in this workshop were:

  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems operating around universities
  • Impact of universities’ engagement with economy and society on university science
  • Organizational changes and challenges inside universities resulting from engagement
  • Interplay between university science projects and innovation outside universities
  • The role of stakeholders other than scientists, such as students and alumni

12 papers were presented during the two days and around 50 participants attended the event. The event was held at the Royal Society, the oldest academic society in the world and was organized by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department at Imperial College  Business School. Members of the department acted as discussants including Professor Alan Hughes, Dr Paola Criscuolo, Dr Ilze Kivleniece, Dr Ed Egan, Dr Anne ter Wal, Dr Markus Perkmann, Professor Erkko Autio and Head of Department Professor Mike Wright.


The following papers were presented at the event:

Session 1
  • Thomas Åstebro, HEC Paris – ‘Bayh – Dole versus the “Professor’s Privilege’
  • Vangelis Souitaris, Cass Business School – ‘Academic Entrepreneurship: A multilevel examination
    of individual, subunit and organisation effects’
Session 2
  • Pablo d’Este, Spanish Council for Scientific Research – ‘Star scientists versus interdisciplinary scientists: Exploring distinct patterns of engagement in university-industry interactions’
  • Andrew Nelson, University of Oregon – ‘A Really Good Secret: Managing Sharing/Secrecy Tensions around Scientific Knowledge Disclosure’
Session 3
  • Daniela Bolzani, University of Bocconi – ‘Conflicting institutional logics and entrepreneurial narratives: The case of academic spin-offs’
  • Bart Clarysse, Imperial College London – ‘Getting the best of different worlds: Multi-ecosystem leveraging’
Session 4
  • Guido Buenstorf, University of Kassel – ‘Steve Jobs or no Jobs? Entrepreneurial activity and performance among Danish college dropouts and graduates’
  • Massimo Colombo, Politecnico de Milano –
    Student entrepreneurs from technology-based universities: the impact of course curriculum on entrepreneurial entry’
Session 5
  • Rebecca Rosen, Centre for the Science of Science and Innovation Policy – ‘Federal funding and production of economics doctorates’
  • Marc Gruber, EPFl – ‘Unpacking the entrepreneurship Process: Pre-Launch industry choice and post-launch firm performance’
Session 6
  • Christos Kolympiris, University of Bath – ‘Does (higher) quality academic science lead to (higher) quality
    industrial innovation via a knowledge spillover process?’
  • Riccardo Fini, Imperial College London – Breaking the career path in academia: Does entrepreneurship help?’