Agenda 2017

I & E Conversation Agenda 2017

Day 1 Thursday 22nd June 

Time Session
0900 Registration and Coffee
0930 Session 1 – Ecosystem theory

  • Michael Jacobides: Toward a theory of ecosystems (Erkko Autio)
  • Erkko Autio: Digitalisation, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ecosystems (Ben Spigel)
11.00 Morning Tea Break
1130 Session 2 –  Complementor strategies

  • Riitta Katila: Big fish or big pond? Seller’s dilemma in intermediary selection (Anil Doshi)
  • Dmitry Sharapov: Complementor strategies in smartphone application markets (Doug Hannah)
1300 Lunch Break
1400 Session 3  – Resource acquisition in entrepreneurial ecosystems

  • Ben Spigel: Entrepreneurial Ecosystems as Practices and Processes: Resource Acquisition and Co-Production in Edinburgh and Glasgow (Anne ter Wal)
  • Andrea Mina: Innovation, asymmetric information and the capital structure of new firms. (Alan Hughes)
1530 Afternoon tea break
1600 Session 4 – Managing complements and complementors

  • Annabelle Gawer: Why Do Intergenerational Technological Transitions Fail in Platform-Based Ecosystems? (Robin Gustafsson)
  • Joost Rietveld: Creating and Capturing Value in Platform Ecosystems through Selective Promotion of Complements (Jaemin Lee)
17.30 Day 1 concludes
19.30 Conference Dinner

 Day 2 Friday 23rd June

Time Session
0900 Registration and Coffee
0930 Session 5 – Ecosystems construction and evolution

  • Doug Hannah: Missionaries and Mercenaries: Founder Identity and the Construction of Ecosystems (Brice Dattee)
  • Bilgehan Uzunca: Creating and managing ecosystems: How governance inseparability and industry evolution shape value capture over time (Annabelle Gawer)
11.00 Morning Tea Break
1130 Session 6 – Digital business models

  • Robin Gustafsson: Competitive Logics in Open Digital Platforms: Case Android and Five Platform Forks (Richard Tee)
  • Youngjin Yoo: From Publishing to Printing: Immateriality of Digital Innovation and New Business Models in the Generative Economy (Bilgehan Uzunca)
1300 Lunch Break
1400 Conference concludes