Innovation for Inclusive Growth 2010

Addressing social and economic development issues in ‘Energy and Environment’

Thursday 15 April 2010
Lecture Theatre G34
Sir Alexander Fleming Building
Imperial College London

Aims of the conference

Don’t miss speakers like:

  • Professor John Beddington
  • Peter Head
  • Sir Brian Hoskins
  • Professor Gerry George

The primary purpose of the conference is to highlight innovation in organisations to foster ‘inclusive growth’. More than one billion people live in extreme poverty and more than 1.5 billion people have no access to electricity. The effects of climate change are felt more painfully in less developed and emerging economies. Businesses are constrained in finding solutions to help address these problems through partnerships with local, national, and international organisations. New technological insights, new business models, and new forms of organising are essential to succeed.

The goal of this event is to encourage and showcase innovation for inclusive growth and provide a forum to share opportunities and challenges in energy and environment. The explicit aim is to build on technological and managerial strengths in the UK to address social and economic challenges in less developed parts of the world.

How you can benefit from the conference

We focus on ‘energy and environment’ as a specific area where businesses and academics can engage to shape policy and practice. Our goal is to share leading technological and managerial practices in the following as they apply to the social and economic development:

  • Renewable energy technologies and managerial challenges
  • Alternative models to energy generation and consumption
  • Rural electrification, technologies, and business models
  • Urban infrastructure, design, and development
  • Cities of the future

Who should attend

Industry practitioners and academics who are engaged in innovation at low cost, innovation that serves underdeveloped or developing economies in the following specific areas:

  1. Energy and environment
  2. Urban design

To register for the event

Please register for the event here.

Participant fee is £50 per person. All payments should be made online or by cheque, payable to Imperial College Business School.

Please send cheque to:
Rachael Barham,
Imperial College Business School,
Tanaka Building,
South Kensington Campus,
London SW7 2AZ

For further information please contact:
Imperial College Business School Events Team on 0207 594 9169 or email