JMS Special Issue Workshop 2016

MSc-students-groupwork2_380x200Organisers and Special Issue Editors:

  • Janet Bercovitz, University of Illinois
  • Francesco Di Lorenzo, Copenhagen Business School
  • Kenneth Huang, National University of Singapore
  • Valentina Tartari, Copenhagen Business School
  • Mike Wright, Imperial College London

This event is invitation only

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Department will be hosting a JMS Special Issue Paper Development Workshop on 18 April 2016, welcoming participating authors to a one day event to discuss and refine their papers prior to final selection. Publication of the special issue is likely in 2017.

The agenda is below:

08.45  Welcome and Registration
09.00 Session 1:

  • When does scientist recruitment effect innovative success: Adding a temporal dimension to the study of employee mobility (Tzabbar, Aharonson)
  • When does retention of target firm scientists lead to breakthrough knowledge creation for the acquiring firms? (Park, Howard, Gomoluya)
10.30 Coffee
10.45 Session 2:

  • The Lonely Cloud:  Theorizing the Isolation-Mobility Paradox for Self-Employed Knowledge Workers in the Online Home-Based Business Context (Daniel, Di Domenico, Nunan)
  • Professional Human Capital Flows: Resource Loss, Bundling, and Replacement (Brymer)
12.15 Lunch
13.15 Session 3:

  • Does mobility really raise inventiveness? Evidence from panel data (Ahlin, Ejermo)
  • Leave or let die: Entrepreneurship and coworkers mobility in the aftermath of a job loss (Rocha, Carneiro, Varum)
14.45  Coffee
15.00 Session 4:

  • Context Factors and the Performance of Mobile Individuals in Research Teams (Franzoni, Scellato, Stephan)
  • The contingency value of the knowledge advantages of returnee entrepreneurs and firm performance (Liu, Xia, Lu)
16.30 Event Ends