Conference Programme

Open Innovation Conference Programme and Presentations

The conference programme is below and pdf presentations are available where authors have given permission. Download a PDF version:

25 June 2012

Welcome and Talk by Ben Martin: 20 Challenges for Innovation Studies (Abstract)
First Plenary Session – Chair: Ammon Salter

Second Plenary Session – Chair: Henry Chesbrough

  • Andrea Mina, Elif Bascavusoglu-Moreau, Alan Hughes: Open Service Innovation And The Firm’s Search For External Knowledge
  • Rene Belderbos, Bruno Cassiman, Dries Faems, Bart Leten, Bart Van LooySharing Intellectual Property in Open Innovation Models: Exploring the Relationship Between Co-Patenting and Financial Performance (of Firms)
  • Ana Luiza de Araújo Burcharth, Mette Praest Knudsen, Helle Alsted Søndergaard: Profiting from Openness? The Importance of Intra-Organizational Activities and Partnering Experience
Third Plenary Session – Chair: Wim Vanhaverbeke

  • Teppo Felin, Todd ZengerOpen Innovation, Problem-Solving and the Theory of the Firm
  • Georg von Krogh, Martin Wallin, Jan Henrik Sieg: A Problem in Becoming: How Firms Formulate Sharable Problems for Innovation Contests
  • Benedikt Langner, Victor Seidel: Competing with Friends: A Field Study of Community-Based Competitions at Threadless and Local Motors
  • Katja Hutter, Johann Fuller, Carina Thurridl: When the Crowd gets Messy – How to Avoid Open Innovation Disasters?
Poster Session and Conference Dinner

26 June 2012

Fourth Plenary Session – Chair: Joel West

  • John Hagedoorn, Ann-Kristin Ridder: Open Innovation, Contracts, and Intellectual Property Rights: An Exploratory Empirical Study
  • Linus Dahlander, Henning PiezunkaCultivating Openness Through Relationships With Communities
  • Frank Piller, Christoph Ihl, Philipp Wagner: Organizing for Open Innovation – Aligning Internal Structure and External Knowledge Sourcing 
Fifth Plenary Session – Chair: Henry Chesbrough

  • Keld Laursen, Ammon Salter: The Paradox of Openness: Appropriability and the Use of External Sources of Knowledge for Innovation
  • Andy Cosh, Joanne Zhang:Ambidexterity and Open Innovation in Small and Medium Sized Firms
  • Letizia Mortara, Simon Ford, Tim Minshall, David Probert: Inbound Open Innovation: a Technology Acquisition Process Model
Sixth Plenary Session – Chair: Joel West

  • Cord Grünewald, Cornelius Herstatt: Control vs. Grow: The Influence of Selective Openness on Motivation and Perceived Fairness in Open Innovation Communities
  • Massimo Colombo, Evila Piva, Cristina Rossi-Lamastra: Does Open Innovation Shape the Strategies of Small and Medium Sized Firms? Collaborations with the Open Source Software Community and Firm Diversification
  • Joachi m Henkel, Simone Schoberl, Oliver Alexy: The Emergence of Openness: How Firms Discover and Intensify Engagement in Selective Revealing
Seventh Paper Session – Chair: Ammon Salter

  • Marcel Bogers, Joel West: Innovation Beyond the Firm: Integrating Distributed Perspectives on Innovation Creation and Commercialization
  • Henry Lopez Vega, Frederik Tell, Wim Vanhaverbeke: In Search of Innovations: Learning Processes and Tensions in Intermediate Knowledge Acquistions
  • Henry Chesbrough, Eric Chen: The Recovery of Abandoned Compounds: A Proposal for Constructing a Platform for Secondary Markets in Pharmaceutical Drug Development
Conclusion and Advice for the Special Issue (All Editors)