Sustainability is not an option, it is an imperative

Ecocit is a global network of academic, industry and public sector partners engaged in research whose goal is to make our cities not only sustainable ecologically, but economically – attracting firms, a skilled workforce, and building communities at ease with themselves.

Ecocit was established, with support from the EPSRC, to investigate the processes associated with the planning, design and implementation of eco-cities. It has a special focus on Dongtan, on Chongming Island close to Shanghai. Arup, the global design, engineering and business consultancy is responsible for the master plan and design of Dongtan. Arup is pioneering new methods, technologies and systems to create an exemplar for eco-cities, and has played a crucial role in the creation of ecocit.

The project at Dongtan has given us the opportunity to undertake research that can help us plan new eco-cities and transform many of our existing cities to meet the challenges of both economic as well as ecological sustainability.

These pages will introduce you to the objectives of the network, its members, the research projects, and how we have disseminated the learning.


Ecocit was funded by the EPSRC and supported by the following institutions and partners: