About Dongtan

A new city for a new era – the first of its kind and a beacon of learning

Dongtan, a 8,400 hectare site situated on Shanghai’s Chongming Island, was commissioned by SIIC and is designed by Arup. The planning for the first phase has been completed, and by 2020 it is expected that 624 hectares will have been developed, to include 27,000 dwellings and a population of just over 80,000.

Around 55% (gross floor area) of the development will be residential, 25% commercial and 21% dedicated to culture, education, tourism, leisure and other social infrastructure.

The project uses a unique planning methodology that addresses:

  • Human and Environmental health
  • Economic Vitality and Individual Prosperity
  • Energy Systems
  • Housing
  • Nutrition and Urban / Rural linkages
  • Mobility and Access
  • Education and Culture
  • Water, Materials and Waste
  • Ecological footprint

While a traditional city on the periphery of a megacity, in this case Shanghai, might have 50,000 residents and support 19,000 jobs, an eco-city of a similar size will need to have more than 80,000 residents and deliver 51,000 jobs if it is not to become a dormitory for Shanghai or other peripheral city developments.