07.08.10  Back to the future with Victorian-style moderntowns
01.04.10  Costing The Earth – Eco-City Limits
01.09.09  Dongtan: the eco-city that never was
22.08.09  Roger Wood on the Shanghai Dongtan Eco-City
05.08.09  Eco-towns – No walk in the park
21.03.09  City of Dreams (The Economist)
09.09.08  Greening China and the Dongtan Project
03.09.08  Arup and The Plenty 20 Businesses
26.08.08  Demographic profile: China
21.08.08  Whatever happened to Dongtan? (Podcast)
19.08.08  Dongtan in the news
14.08.08  Treasury considers 672M Euro deal for Shanghai Office blocks
12.08.08  East Asian cities urged to get ready for climate change.
08.08.08  World Bank names Dongtan as a climate resilient city
11.08.08  Rise of the Carbon-Neutral City (Business Week)
28.07.08  Is China turning against Dongtan Eco-city? and Doubts rise over economics of ecological city
24.07.08  Eco-heaven or smog flight? Model city in China hits snags and also Carb-free City
11.07.08  Singapore round table highlights
10.07.08  CNN Interview: Peter Head
04.07.08  Corruption scandal delays Dongtan by two years
08.07.08  World’s first carbon-neutral city delayed again
09.06.08  Chongming’s simple, natural beauty
24.06.08  Whatever happened to Dongtan?
23.06.08  Self-sufficient Eco-city set for completion by 2050
21.05.08  Shanghai: China’s capitalist showpiece
24.04.07  Pop-Up Cities: China builds a bright green metropolis

Eco-towns and Eco-cities

31.01.10  Changxindian low carbon community
26.01.10  Tianjin eco-city
01.12.09  Knowledge hub – Hamburg on the move
16.09.09  IBM involved in Shenyang eco-city
11.09.09  Chinese Premier Wen reassured SM Goh that Tianjin eco-city will “succeed”
31.08.09  Eco-Cities: Building a Comeback?
11.07.09  Eco-homes plan for factory site in York
24.06.09  Eco-Cities, Entrepreneurship and the Zero Emission Challenge
14.06.09  Slump may swamp eco-city
04.12.09  Clean Technology – Masdar Plan (Technology Quarterly)
05.09.08  Tesco cites local opposition in Cambridgeshire eco-town
29.08.08  Tesco pulls out of Eco-town plan
20.08.08  Stockholm develops former brownfield into a model eco-district
20.08.08  The Masdar Development Video
20.08.08  Black Sea Gardens – Foster + Partners develops master plan for carbon-neutral resort in Bulgaria
28.07.08  Eco towns to be built to toughest ever green standards says Flint
23.07.08  Government eco-towns proposals open to legal challenge
21.07.08  Peter Head talks about Ecocities
15.07.08  Dubai’s Xeritown has Eco-city aspirations
11.07.08  Eco-town blow for government
05.06.08  Follow China on Eco-towns
04.06.08  Eco-cities – Masdar’s green light
09.07.08  Over-ambitious eco-town plans thrown into turmoil


16.09.09  China Carbon Truths
03.09.09  South Korea’s Songdo and China’s Meixi Lake are spending billions on intelligent networks with an eco-vibe.
10.08.09  Constraints to a Sustainable China
25.11.08  Doing Business in the Thames Gateway 
01.02.09  Promoting energy efficiency in the developing world
05.08.08  Farming in the Sky (video)
05.09.08  Wind power: Gordon brown approves huge offshore windfarm
03.09.08  Untapped hydro could power quarter of Scottish homes, report says
15.08.08  Home is where the heat is – communal microgeneration
15.08.08  Water companies propose to invest £27bn over 5 years
08.08.08  Green light for fourth largest offshore wind farm in UK
04.08.08  At last, a practical guide to climate-proof our cities
04.08.08  £42M renewables funding squandered say Lib Dems
28.07.08  Government told to support EU plans for renewables priority grid access
23.07.08  Harnessing the power of the desert sun
11.07.08  Green Construction – building techniques and policy and planning
02.07.08  High tech to low, world’s green methods are many
09.06.08  Sustainable Industries

Other relevant articles

20.01.10  World class collaboration to tackle climate change launches in UK
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09.06.09  Arup to help major cities tackle carbon reduction
04.06.09  China teams up with Singapore to build huge eco city
16.05.09  Our cultural revolution
08.09.08  Chinese firm to build Rakai free trade zone
01.09.08  Jordanian Ministry of the Environment launches eco-cities of the Mediterranean Forum 2008
28.08.08  Construction heads to gather for 3rd Annual Leaders in Construction Summit
27.08.08  His Excellency Khaled Irani launches the Eco-cities of the Mediterranean Forum Forum 2008 initiative
26.08.08  Green dreams – saving the planet depends on our own imaginations
26.08.08  Jordan to host environmental gathering 
01.08.08  Smith’s Dock, North Shields – turning an abandoned and polluted dockyard into a large-scale housing development
11.07.08  Lessons from ‘new towns’ must be researched before embarking on eco-towns
11.07.08  Business Horizons – forthcoming Special Issue – China.
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07.07.08 A Danish community’s victory over carbon emissions
04.07.08  Architect Carolyn Steel’s nourishing ideas for designers
02.07.08  London Transport Museum – Urban Development talks
27.06.08  Cause for optimism on greenhouse gas emissions front
11.06.08  Paulson Remarks on Fourth Meeting of the U.S.-China Strategic Economic Dialogue
05.06.08  Cityscape China 2008 – focusing on critical issues in China’s real estate industry
09.03.08  China’s new designers: Building on a rich heritage of innovation