Research Projects

The network is made up of specialist resources in three complementary fields:

  • Urban design and planning, including harmonious city-region development
  • Business innovation, with specialist areas of complex design, build and operate projects in the construction, engineering and telecommunications sectors
  • Large scale technical systems, addressing urban energy systems and waste management.
ECOCIT diagram

At the four intersections we have examined the multidisciplinary research areas that together address the challenge of sustainable economic and ecological urban systems. cities network.

There are three main research groups in the network, funded by ecocit & supported by WebEx:

Nick Leon and Erkko Autio (Imperial College London Business School).
Preparing submission linking Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) to sustainable cities

Patrick Godfrey and Nilay Shah (Bristol University, Imperial College London Business School, Reading University
Submitted proposal to EPSRC Sustainable Urban Environment 2009 call: unsuccessful.

Business and Governance
Broad group led by Andy Davies and Lars Frederiksen (Imperial, Brighton, Reading, Salford and Sussex universities)
Submitted proposal to EPSRC Sustainable Urban Environment 2009 call: unsuccessful.
Preparing new submission in autumn 2010.

Successful proposals

Multi-scale whole systems modelling and analysis for CO2 capture, transport and storage
Prof S. Durucan, Prof N. Shah, Dr A. Korre, Dr PDM Spelt (NERC)

Energy for Development (E4D)
Prof Bakr, Prof G. George (EPSRC)

Ashford Integrated Alternatives
Prof D. Butler, Dr A. Davies, J. Roehrich (EPSRC)

Learning from the Dongtan Ecocity Project
Dr A. Davies and Dr L. Frederiksen (EPSRC)

Sustainable Economic and Ecological Models
Imperial College Business School, Imperial College London