WebEx Virtual Seminars

Presentation by Prof Simon Collinson, Warwick Business School
9 September 2008

Prof Simon Collinson gave a virtual seminar titled “International Collaborative Research – The China Case” in which he shared his experience from his AIM research in China. He presented key challenges and outlined lessons learnt including common methodological problems and access to data. He discussed working in collaborative teams.

Additional information can be found in Chapter 27
“Comparative International Business Research Methods: pitfalls and practicalities” (Simon C Collinson and Andrew M Pettigrew) – of the forthcoming book titled Oxford Handbook of International Business, 2nd ed, Alan Rugman.

Presentation by Tim Venables, Imperial College Business School
30 July 2008

Tim Venables, Strategic Research Manager gave an overview of applying for Research Funding in the UK focusing on the EPRSC as an example case. His talk titled “Short Guide to Research Funding”gave a useful overview of the types of proposals and process issues.

Presentation by Dr David Tyfield, Lancaster University
07 July 2008

Dr David Tyfield gave an interesting talk on Low Carbon Innovation in China, his presentation titled“China-EU Networks of Low Carbon Innovation Prospects & Constraints” discusses climate change as a social issue of a global scale and notes carbon innovation must have a global roll out to have a requisite effect. He gives a useful personal overview of motivations and contraints on international collaboration.