Research Themes

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The research focuses on the role of ICT in offering innovative means to collaborate, and allowing the UK to address the challenges of sustainable society. This Network+ creates a vibrant community of multi-disciplinary researchers taking a Digitial Economy approach to sustainability issues, in order to create collaborative links with current and future researchers, as well as helping to shape RCUK DE priorities by identifying emerging challenges in this area.

Our research divides into 4 non-exhaustive themes which will be reshaped and enhanced as the project develops:

Towards Sustainable Behavioural Change Through Digital Technology
Although research indicates that consumers are concerned about climate change, this has not translated into behavioural change. To create sustainability, such change is necessary, particularly in the areas of transport, energy and health. Research here, therefore looks at digital persuasive technologies, platforms to motivate and reward change and systems that reduce waste, share resources and create social infrastructure.
From Static to Dynamic: DT / Built Environment Interactions
This theme looks at how built environment interactions at the macro and micro-level can shape future sustainable societies. Using digital technologies we look at the effect infrastructure is having and how appropriate deployment of resources could facilitate new approaches to the designing and developing the built environment.
From Data to Model
There is currently a 'data-overload' in digital data volumes, which is only set to multiple by 2020. This has raised many questions about sustainably managing and analysing this information to limit the environmental damage such technologies create. This theme examines the role of data visualisation in interdisciplinary research and its potential benefits for those working in this area.
Towards Sustainable Institutional Frameworks and Policies
Balancing the needs of the public-driven government sector with the market-driven private sector is vital to ensure the public infrastructure can be sustainably delivered. This theme therefore examines the interactions between users (including companies, local and national government), how cross-fertilisation can aid understanding, and how institutional frameworks should evolve to successful guide national strategy.