Past Events

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Previous Events:

Science and Impact: Enabling Universities to Benefit Economy and Society

In July 2015 the Department hosted an evening seminar entitled Science and Impact: Enabling Universities to Benefit Economy and Society which considered the wider impact of scientific research, and the related opportunities and challenges facing academic, universities and policy-makers. As part of the event, Dr Markus Perkmann presented a study on Imperial academics which examines the extent to which they engage in impact-relevant activities, perceived barriers and their attitudes. Professor David Gann then shared the outcomes of Imperial’s review of ‘Pathways to Societal Impact”, and outlined the recommendations that can be drawn from it.

Finally they joined panellists Professor  Professor Alan Hughes (Imperial),  Professor Graeme Reid (University College London) and Professor Julie McCann (Imperial) to comment on the impact agenda, and how universities should organise for impact.

Imperial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conversation

In June 2015 the Department held the Imperial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conversation (IEC), a two day conference co-organised by Dr Markus Perkmann on the role of universities in innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems, examining:

  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems operating around universities
  • Impact of universities’ engagement with economy and society on university science
  • Organizational changes and challenges inside universities resulting from engagement
  • Interplay between university science projects and innovation outside universities
  • The role of stakeholders other than scientists, such as students and alumni

12 papers were presented during the two days and around 50 participants attended the event. The event was held at the Royal Society, the oldest academic society in the world.

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