University-Industry Centres

University-Industry Centres

Objective: In this project, we investigate how successful university-industry centres are structured.


Many universities have established centres that pursue both open science and industry-funded applied research. This project explores the opportunities and challenges arising in these mixed-purpose organizational units, and seeks to identify the organizational structures and procedures that allow for ambidextrous success.


In this project, we conduct a series of comparative case studies of university-industry centres at different universities and focused on different scientific or technical disciplines and industry sectors. The centres studied involve, for instance, firms from the oil & gas, telecommunications, automotive and agrotech industries.

By preparing in-depth narratives about each of the centres, and then comparing their governance mechanisms and organizational set-up we will be able to draw conclusions about the factors that inform success and failure in operating these centres.


This project will help inform the design of university-industry centers. The results will be relevant for both universities, acting as hosts of these centres, and firms, acting as sponsors. The insights will also help science policy makers make better decisions on providing public funding to such entities.

Preliminary outputs

  • Perkmann, ‘Managing University-Industry Centres: Five Principles of Good Practice’ (download)

Research Team

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