The following people have provided considerable support and expertise to the Department of Innovation & Entrepreneurship  during the last 10 years, helping to develop its research profile and contributing to specific projects.

Name Institution
Stefano Ciampolini Director & Partner, Healthcare Capital Partners, London
Vishal Gulati Managing Director, Radiant Capital
Dr Ian Harvey Chairman, Intellectual Property Institute
Larry Hirst CBE Former Chairman, IBM Europe
Lemuel Lasher Group President, Global Business Solutions and Services (GBS) and Chief Innovation Officer, CSC
Dr Sanjoy Ray Director, Technology Innovation, Merck Research Laboratories
Rashik Parmar President, IBM Academy of Technology
Kaveh Pourteymour CIO, Global Refining International Businesses, BP
Dr Alan Schafer Life sciences consultant
Don Strickland President, Strickland & Associates
Dr Irving Wladawsky-Berger Strategic Advisor, Citigroup