Journal Articles Published in 2011

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Authors Title Journal Volume
Alexy, O., J. Block, Sandner, P. & Ter Wal, A.L.J. Social capital of venture capitalists and start-up funding Small Business Economics Published online
Alexy, O., Leitner, M A fistful of dollars: Financial rewards, payment norms, and motivation crowding in open source software development European Management Review Volume 8 (3), pp. 165-185 (2011)
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Levie, J. & Autio, E. Regulatory burden, rule of law, and entry of strategic entrepreneurs: An international panel study Journal of Management Studies Volume 48, pp. 1392-1419 (2011)
Bock, A., Opsahl, T., George, G. Gann, D.M. The effects of culture and structure on strategic flexibility during business model innovation Journal of Management Studies Published online, 26 October 2011
Clarysse, B., Bruneel, J. & Wright, M. Explaining growth paths of young technology-based firms: Structuring resource portfolios in different competitive environments Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal Volume 5, No. 2, pp. 137-157 (2011)
Knockaert, M., Ucbasaran, D.,Clarysse, B., Wright, M. The relationship between knowledge transfer, top management team composition, and performance: The case of science-based entrepreneurial firms Entrepreneurship, Theory & Practice Volume 35, No. 4, pp. 777-803 (2011)
Clarysse, B., Tartari, V. & Salter, A. The impact of entrepreneurial capacity, experience and organizational support on academic entrepreneurship Research Policy 40(8): 1084-1093
Clarysse, B., Wright, M., Van de Velde, E. Entrepreneurial origin, technological knowledge, and the growth of spin-off companies Journal of Management Studies Volume 48, No. 6, pp. 1420-1442 (2011)
Del-Palacio, I.,Sole, F. & Berbegal, J. Which services support research activities at universities? The Service Industries Journal Volume 31, No. 1, pp.39-58 (2011)
Fini, R., Grimaldi, R., Santoni, S. & Sobrero, M. Complements or substitutes? The role of universities and local context in supporting the creation of academic spin-offs Research Policy 40(8): 1113-1127
Dodgson, M.,Gann, D. Technological innovation and complex systems in cities Journal of Urban Technology Volume 18, No. 3, pp. 101-113 (2011)
Gann, D.M., Dodgson, M., Bhardwaj, D. Physical-digital integration in city infrastructure IBM Journal of Research and Development 55(1.2): 8:1-8:10
George, G. & Bock, A. The practice of business models and its implications for entrepreneurship research. Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice Volume 35, pp. 83-111 (2011)
Khayesi, J. &George, G. Does the socio-cultural context matter? Communal orientation and entrepreneurs’ resource accumulation efforts in Africa Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology Volume 84, No. 3, pp.471-492 (2011)
Collquitt, J. &George, G. From the editors-publishing in AMJ—Part 1: Topic choice Academy of Management Journal 54(3): 432-435
Kotha, R., Zheng, Y. & George, G. Entry into new niches: The effects of firm age and the expansion of technological capabilities on innovative output and impact Strategic Management Journal Volume 32, No. 9, pp.1011-1024 (2011)
Authors Title Journal Volume
Kapsali, M. Systems thinking in innovation project management: A match that works International Journal of Project Management Volume 29, No. 4, pp.396-407 (2011)
Kastrinaki, Z. & Stoneman, P. Merger patterns in the European food supply chain International Journal of the Economics of Business 18(3)
Gruber, H. &Koutroumpis, P. Mobile telecommunications and the impact on economic development Economic Policy 26(67): 387-426
Koutroumpis, P., Lekatsas, A., Giaglis, G. & Kourouthanasis, P. Between a rock and a hard place: Recession and telecoms taxation Telecommunications Policy 35(7): 681-688
Waverman, L. &Koutroumpis, P. Benchmarking telecoms regulation: The Telecommunications Regulatory Governance Index (TRGI) Telecommunications Policy 35(5): 450-468
Kavetsos, G. &Koutroumpis, P. Technological affluence and subjective well-being Journal of Economic Psychology 32(5): 742-753
Leiponen, A. & Helfat, C.E Location, decentralization, and knowledge sources for innovation Organization Science Volume 22, No. 3, pp. 641-658 (2011)
Harris, R. & Li, Q.C. The determinants of firm exit from exporting: Evidence for the UK International Journal of the Economics of Business Volume 18, No. 3 (2011)
Harris, R., Li, Q.C. & Moffat, J. The impact of higher education institution-firm knowledge links on firm-level productivity in Britain Applied Economics Letters Volume 18, No. 13 (2011)
Harris, R. & Li, Q.C. Export-market dynamics and firm-level productivity: Evidence for UK tradable sectors Industrial and Corporate Change 2011
Håkanson, L., Caessens, P., &MacAulay, S. InnovationXchange: A case study in innovation intermediation Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice 13(2): 261-274
Steen, J., MacAulay, S., & Kastelle, T. Small worlds: The best network structure for innovation? Prometheus 29, 1: 39-50
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Perks, H. & Moxey, S. Market-facing innovation networks: How lead firms partition tasks, share resources and develop capabilities Industrial Marketing Management 40(8): 1224-1237
Seierstad, C. &Opsahl, T. For the few not the many? The effects of affirmative action on presence, prominence, and social capital of women directors in Norway Scandi navian Journal of Management, Volume 27, No. 1 (2011)
Ozaki, R. Adopting sustainable innovation: What makes consumers sign up to green electricity? Business Strategy and the Environment Volume 20, No. 1, pp. 1-17 (2011)
Ozaki, R. & Sevastyanova, K Going hybrid: An analysis of consume r purchase motivations Energy Policy Volume 39, No. 5, pp. 2217-2227
Ozaki. R. Green electricity tariffs: Why do consumers adopt? The European Business Review April 2011, pp.10-13
Authors Title Journal Volume
Perkmann, M.,King, Z. & Pavelin, S Engaging excellence? Effects of faculty quality on university engagement with industry Research Policy Volume 40, No. 4, pp. 539-552 (2011)
D’Este, P. &Perkmann, M. Why do academics engage with industry? The entrepreneu rial university and individual motivations Journal of Technology Transfer Volume 36, No. 3, pp. 316-339
Perkmann, M.,Neely, A. & Walsh, K. How should firms evaluate success in university-industry alliances? A performance measureme nt system. R&D Management Volume 41, No. 2, pp. 202-216 (2011)
Laursen, K., Reichstein, T. &Salter, A. Exploring the effect of geographical proximity and university quality on university-industry collaboration in the UK Regional Studies Volume 45, No. 4 (2011)
Nuvolari, A. &Tartari, V. Bennet Woodcroft and the value of English patents 1617-1841. Explorations in Economic History Volume 48, No. 1, pp. 97-115 (2011)
Ter Wal, A.L.J. & Boschma, R.A. Co-evolution of firms, industries and networks in space Regional Studies Volume 45, No. 7 (2011)
Ter Wal., A.L.J. Networks and geography in the economics of knowledge flows: A commentary Quality and Quantity: International Journal of Methodology 45(5): 1059-1063
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