Journal Articles Published in 2012

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Authors Title Journal Volume
Alexy, O. & Reitzig, M. Managing the business risks of open innovation McKinsey Quarterly (1): 17-21
Alexy, O., Criscuolo, P. & Salter, A. No soliciting: Practices for managing unrequested innovative ideas California Management Review 54(3): 116-139
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Alnuaimi, T.,Opsahl, T.,George G. Innovating in the Periphery: The Impact of Local and Foreign Inventor Mobility on the Value of Indian Patents Research Policy Volume 41
Bock, A., Opsahl, T., George, G. & Gann, D. The effects of culture and structure on strategic flexibility during business model innovation Journal of Management Studies 49(2): 279-305
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Criscuolo, P., Salter, A. & Nicolaou, N. The elixir (or burden) of youth? Exploring differences in innovation between start-ups and established firms Research Policy 41(2): 319-333
Engel, J. & Del-Palacio, I. Global clusters of innovation framework: The case of Israel and Silicon Valley California Management Review Forthcoming
Gann., D.M., Salter, A., Dodgson, M., & Phillips, N. Inside the World of the Project Baron MIT Sloan Management Review 53(3)
Goerge G Publishing in AMJ for Non-US Authors Academy of Management Journal 55(5)
Lowe, M.,George, G.,Alexy, O. Organizational Identity and Capability Development in Internationalization: Transference, Splicing, and Enhanced Imitation in Tesco’s US Market Entry Journal of Economic Geography 12(5): 1021-1054
George, G.,Kotha, R., Srikanth, K. Bridging the Mutual Knowledge Gap: Coordination Costs and the Commercialisation of Science Academy of Management Journal 2012
George, G., McGahan, A.M., & Prabhu, J.C. Innovation for inclusive growth: Towards a theoretical framework and research agenda Journal of Management Studies 49(4): 661-683
George, G., Salter, A., Alexy, O., The Selective Revealing of Knowledge and its Implications for Innovation Activity Academy of Management Review Forthcoming
Kotha, R.,George, G. Entrepreneur experience and its implications for the selective distribution of equity and resource mobilization Journal of Business Venturing 27(5): 525-543
Lowe, M.,George, G., Alexy, O. Organizational Identity and Capability Development in Internationalization: Transference, S plicing and Enhanced Imitation in Tesco’s US Market Entry Journal of Economic Geography 12(6)
Vural, O., Dahlander, L.,George, G. Collaborative Benefits and Coordination Costs: Learning and Capability Development in Science Strategic Entrepreneurship Volume 7, No. 2
Falck, O., Claussen, J., &Grohsjean, T. The strength of direct ties: Evidence from the gaming industry International Journal of Industria l Organizat ion 30(2): 223-230
Authors Title Journal Volume
Tether, B., Li, C., Mina, A. Knowledge-Bases, Places, Spatial Configurations and the Performance of Knowledge-Intensive Professional Service Firms Journal of Economic Geography 12 (5)
Bock, A., Opsahl, T., George, G. & Gann, D.M. The effects of culture and structure on strategic flexibility during business model innovation Journal of Management Studies
Ozaki, R., Shaw, I., Dodgson, M. The Negotiated Consumption of Sustainability Scandinavian Journal of Management 2012
Authors Title Journal Volume
Parikh, P., George, G. Empowering Change: The Effects of Energy Provision on Individual Aspirations in Slum Communities Energy Policy 50
Parikh, P., Parikh, H., McRobie, A. Role of Infrastructure in improving human settlements Urban Design and Planning Forthcoming
Perkmann, M., Salter A. How to Create Productive Partnerships with Universities MIT Sloan Management Review 53(4)
Schillebeeckx, S., Parikh, P., Bansal, R., George, G. An Integrated Framework for Rural Electrification: Adopting a User-centric Approach to Business Model Development Energy Policy 48: 687-697
Stigliani, I. & Ravasi, D. Product design: A framework and research agenda for management studies International Journal of Management Reviews Forthcoming
Stigliani, I. & Ravasi, D. Organizing thoughts and connecting brains: Material practices and the transition from individual to group- level prospective sensemaking Academy of Management Journal 55(3)
Stigliani, I., Elsbach, K. D. & Stroud, A. Stigliani, I., Elsbach, K. D. & Stroud, A. Organizational Dynamics Forthcoming
Tartari, V., Breschi, S. Set them free: Scientists’ perceptions of benefits and costs of university-industry research collaboration Industrial and Corporate Change Forthcoming
ter Wal, A.L.J. Cluster emergenc e and network evolution: A longitudinal analysis of the inventor network in Sophia-Antipolis Regional Studies Forthcoming
Cassi, L., Morrison, A., ter Wal, A. L. J. The Evolution of Trade and Scientific Collaboration Networks in the Global Wine Sector Economic Geography 88: 311-334
Wright, M. Coordinating Knowledge Transfer: Global Managers as Higher-level Intermediaries Journal of World Business In Press
Wright, M., et al An Agency Theoretic Analy sis of Value Creation Through Management Buy-Outs of Family Firms Journal of Family Business Strategy Forthcoming
Bacon, N., Wright, M., Meuleman, M. The Impact of Private Equity on Management Practices in European Buy – Ou ts: Short-termism, Anglo-Saxon or Host Country Effects? Industrial Relations 51: 605-626
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Wright, M.,Manigart, S. Venture Capital Firm Involvement in Portfolio Companies: New Directions Small Business Ecomomics Forthoming
Wright, M. & Marlow, S. Entrepreneurial activity in the venture creation and development process International Small Business Journal 30(5)
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Wright, M., Wervaak, E., Bruining, H. Entrepreneurial and Administrative Management and Private Equity Positions in Management Buy-Outs Small Business Economics Forthcoming
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