Journal Articles Published in 2013

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Authors Title Journal Volume
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Authors Title Journal Volume
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Katz, R.L., and Koutroumpis, P. Measuring Digitization: A Growth and Welfare Multiplier Technovation Volume 33, No. 10-11
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Ozaki, R., Shaw, I., Dodgson, M. The Co-Production of “Sustainability”: Negotiated Practices and the Prius Science, Technology and Human Values Volume 29, No 2, pp.194-201
Authors Title Journal Volume
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Fisch, J., Ross, J. Timing the Start of Material Substitution Projects: Creating Switching Options Under Volatile Material Prices Journal of Product Innovation Management Available online
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Shaw, I. The ‘art object’ as an epistemic process: contesting difference in mounting an exhibition of British paintings of the Near and Middle East Journal of Material Culture Volume 18, No. 4
Tartari, V., Breschi, S. Set them free: Scientists’ perceptions of benefits and costs of university-industry research collaboration Industrial and Corporate Change Volume 21, No. 5
ter Wal, A.L.J. Cluster emergence and network evolution: A longitudinal analysis of the inventor network in Sophia-Antipolis Regional Studies Volume 47, No. 5
ter Wal, A.L.J. The Dynamics of the Inventor Network in German Biotechnology: Geographical Proximity Versus Triadic Closure Journal of Economic Geography Forthcoming
Wright, M. Academic Entrepreneurship, Technology Transfer and Society: Where Next? Journal of Technology Transfer December 2012
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Huyghe, A., Knockaert, M, Wright, M. and Piva, E. Technology Transfer Offices as Boundary Spanners in the Pre-Spin-Off Process: The Case of a Hybrid Model Small Business Economics December 2013
Liu, X., Wright, M. and Filatotchev, I. Learning, Firm Age and Performance: An Investigation of Returnee Entrepreneurs in Chinese High-Tech Industries International Small Business Journal Published Online
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