Journal Articles Published in 2014

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Authors Title Journal Volume
Acs, Z., Autio, E., Szerb, L. National Systems of Entrepreneurship: Measurement Issues and Policy Implications Research Policy Volume 43, pp. 476-494
Stevens, R., Moray, N., Bruneel, J. The Social and Economic Mission of Social Enterprises: Dimensions, Measurement, Validation and Relation Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice Published Online
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Salter, A., Criscuolo, P., ter Wal, A. Coping with open innovation: responding to the challenges of external engagement in R&D California Management Review Volume 56, No.2, pp.77-94
George, G., Salter, A., Alexy, O., The Selective Revealing of Knowledge and its Implications for Innovation Activity Academy of Management Review Volume 38, No. 2
Authors Title Journal Volume
Baldini, N., Fini, R., Grimaldi, R. and Sobrero, M. Organisational Change and the Institutionalisation of University Patenting Actvity in Italy Minerva Volume 1, pp. 27-52
George, G., Haas, M.R. and Pentland, A. Big Data and Management Academy of Management Journal Volume 57, pp. 321-325
George, G., Rao Nicholson, R., Corbishley, C. and Bansal, R. Institutional Entrepreneurship, Governance and Poverty: Insights from Emergency Medical Response Services in India Asia Pacific Journal of Management April 2014
Khayesi, J., George, G. and Antonakis, J. Kinship in Entrepreneur Networks: Performance Effects of Resource Assembly in Africa Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice Volume 38, No 4, pp. 1323-1342
Delcamp, H. and Leiponen, A. Innovating Standards Through Informal Consortia: The Case of Wireless Telecommunications International Journal for Industrial Organization Volume 36, pp.36-47
Davies, A., MacAulay, S., DeBarro, T. and Thurston, M. Making Innovation Happen in a Megaproject: London’s Crossrail Suburban Railway System Project Management Journal Volume 45, No. 6. pp. 25-37
Ozaki, R., Shaw I. Entangled Practices: Governancem Sustainable Technologies and Energy Consumption Sociology Volume 48, pp. 590-605
Authors Title Journal Volume
Perkmann, M. and Spicer A. Organizational Bricolage: The Role of Imprinting and Values in Giving Shape to Emerging Organisations Organization Science Forthcoming
Tartari, V. Perkmann, M., and Salter, A. In Good Company: The Influence of Peers on Industry Engagement by Academic Scientists Research Policy January
Ross, J-M., Sharapov, D. When the Leader Follows: Avoiding Dethronement Through Imitation Academy of Management Journal Published Online
Ter Wal, A. Salter, A., Criscuolo, P., Alexy, O. Open for Ideation: Individual-Level Openness and Idea Generation in R&D Journal of Product Innovation Management Published Online
Thomas, L., Autio, E. and Gann, D. Architectural Leverage: Putting Platforms in Context Academy of Management Perspectives Volume 28, No.1
Ahlers, O., Hack, A., Kellerman, F., Wright, M. Opening the Black Box: Power in Buyout Negotiations and the Moderating Role of Private Equity Specialization Journal of Small Business Management Forthcoming
Colombo, M., Piva, E., Rossi-Lamastre, C., De Massis, A. and Wright, M. Sales and Employment Changes in Entrepreneurial Ventures with Family Ownership: Empirical Evidence from High-Tech Industries Journal of Small Business Management Volume 52, No 2
Fryges, H. and Wright, M. The Origin of Spin-offs – A Typology of Corporate and Academic Spin-offs Small Business Economics January 2014
Klein, P., Siegel, D., Wilson, N. and Wright, M. The Effects of Alternative Investments on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Growth: An Introduction to the Special Issue Managerial and Design Economics Volume 35, No. 2
Lumpkin, T., Agarwal, R., Barney, J and Wright, M. A New Series: Research Pioneers Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal Volume 8. Issue 2
Toms, S., Wilson, N. and Wright, M. The Evolution of Private Equity: Corporate Restructuring in the UK c.1945-2010 Business History Forthcoming
Wilson, N. and Wright, M. Private Equity, Buy-Outs and Insolvency Risk Journal of Business Finance and Accounting Volume 40, Issue 7-8
Wilson, N., Wright, M. The Survival of Newly Incorporated Companies and Founding Director Characteristics International Small Business Journal Published Online
Zahra, S., Wright, M. and Abdelgawad, S. Contextualization and the Advancement of Entrepreneurship Research International Small Business Journal Volume 32, No. 2