Journal Articles Published in 2015

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Authors Title Journal Volume
Alnuaimi, T, George, G. Appropriability and the Retrieval of Knowledge after Spillovers Strategic Management Journal Volume 37, Issue 7, pp. 1263-1279
Autio, E., Fu, K. Economic and Political Institutions and the Entry into Formal and Informal Entrepreneurship Asia-Pacific Journal of Management Volume 32, Issue 1, pp. 67-94
Autio, E., Kenney, M., Mustar P., Siegel, D. and Wright, M. Entrepreneurial Innovation and Context Research Policy Volume 43, Issue 7, pp. 1097-1108
Dodgson, M., Gann, D., MacAulay, S., Davies, A. Innovation Strategy in New Transportation Systems: The Case of Crossrail Transport Research Part A Volume 77, pp. 261-275
George, G., Kotha, R., Parikh, P., Alnuaimi, T., Bahaj, A. Social Structure, Reasonable Gain, and Entrepreneurship in Africa Strategic Management Journal Volume 37, Issue 7, pp. 1118-1137
Authors Title Journal Volume
Spring, M. Hughes, A., Mason, K, McCaffrey, P. Creating the Competitive Edge:A New Relationship between Operations Management and Industrial Policy Journal of Operations Management Forthcoming
Koutroumpis, P., Gruber, H., Hatonen, J. Broadband Access in the EU: An Assessment of Future Economic Benefits Telecommunications Policy Volume 38, No. 11, pp.1046-1058
Bar, T. and Leiponen, A. Committees and Networking in Standard Setting Journal of Economics and Management Strategy Volume 23, Issue 1, pp. 1-23
Davies, A., MacAulay, S., DeBarro, T. and Thurston, M. Making Innovation Happen in a Megaproject: London’s Crossrail Suburban Railway System Project Management Journal Volume 45, No. 6, pp. 25-37
Ozaki, R. Green electricity tariffs: Why do consumers adopt? European Business Review March-April
Authors Title Journal Volume
Perkmann, M., Fini, R., Ross, J-M, Salter, A., Silvestri, C., Tartari, V. Accounting for Universities’ Impact: Using Augmented Data to Measure Academic Engagement and Commercialization by Academic Scientists Research Evaluation Published online
Perkmann, M. and Spicer A. Organizational Bricolage: The Role of Imprinting and Values in Giving Shape to Emerging Organisations Organization Science Forthcoming
Perkmann, M. and Schildt, H. Open data partnerships between firms and universities: The role of boundary organizations Research Policy Volume 44, No.5, pp.1133-1143
Ross, J-M., Sharapov, D. When the Leader Follows: Avoiding Dethronement Through Imitation Academy of Management Journal Volume 58, No 3., pp.658-679
Shaw, I., Ozaki, R. Enacting Environmental Accountability in Housing Design: Practices of Visibility Energy Policy Forthcoming
Papazafeiropoulou, Anastasia, Spanaki, K. Understanding Governance, Risk and Compliance Information Systems (GRC IS): The Experts view Information Systems Frontiers 2015, pp. 1-13
Stigliani, I. & Ravasi, D. Product design: A framework and research agenda for management studies International Journal of Management Reviews Forthcoming
Stigliani, I., Elsbach, K. D. & Stroud, A. The building of employee distrust: A case study of Hewlett-Packard Organizational Dynamics Volume 41, No. 3, pp. 254-263
Salter, A., Ter Wal, A.L.J., Criscuolo, P., Alexy, O. Open for ideation: individual-level openness and idea generation in R&D Journal of Product Innovation Management Volume 32, pp. 488-504
Wright, M. Private Equity: Managerial and Policy Challenges Academy of Management Perspectives Forthcoming
Wright, M. Venture Capital Firms’ Involvement with their Portfolio Companies Foundations & Trends in Entrepreneurship Forthcoming
Wright, M., Chrisman, J, Steier, L. Family Business and Context Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice Forthcoming
Wright, M., Cressy, R., Wilson, N and Farag, H. Financial Restructuring and Recovery in Private Equity Buy-Outs: The UK Evidence Venture Capital Volume 16, No. 2
Wright, M., Kellermans, F. What Can Family Firm Research Learn from Management and Entrepreneurship? Journal of Family Business Forthcoming
Wright, M., Manigart, S. Venture Capital Firm Involvement in Portfolio Companies: New Directions Small Business Economics Forthcoming
Wright, M., Mosey, S., Noke, H. Academic Entrepreneurship and Economic Competitiveness: Re-thinking the Role of the Entrepreneur Economics of Innovation and New Technology Volume 21, No. 5-6
Wright, M., Roper, S., Hart, M., Carter, S. Joining the Dots: Building the Evidence Base for SME Growth Policy International Small Business Journal Volume 33, No 1, pp. 3-11
Ahlers, O., Hack, A., Kellerman, F., Wright, M. Opening the Black Box: Power in Buyout Negotiations and the Moderating Role of Private Equity Specialization Journal of Small Business Management Volume 54, No 4
Alperovych, Y., Amess, K., Wright, M. Private Equity Firm Experience, Buy-out Type and Efficiency Gains European Journal of Operational Research Forthcoming
Alvarez, A., Godley, A., Wright, M The Entrepreneur at Thirty – Still Relevant? Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal Forthcoming
Amess, K., Stiebale, J., Wright, M. The Impact of Private Equity on Firms’ Patenting Activity European Economic Review Available Online
Bruton, G., Filatotchev, I.,Wright, M. Strategy and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal Forthcoming
Cai, C., Jiang, P., Keasey, K. and Wright, M. The Role of Venture Capitalists in Chinese IPOs International Small Business Journal Forthcoming
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Hoskisson, R., Wright, M., Filatotchev, I., Peng, M. Emerging Multinationals from Mid-Range Economies: The Influence of Institutional Factor Markets Journal of Management Studies Volume 50, No. 7
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Valkama, P., Maula, M., Nikoskelainen, E., Wright, M. The Impact of Macroeconomic and Governance Factors on Leveraged Buyout Returns Journal of Banking and Finance Forthcoming
Wilson N., Wright, M., Scholes, L. Board Composition and Family Firm Survival Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice Forthcoming
Wood, G. and Wright, M. Corporations and New Statism: Trends and Research Priorities Academy of Management Perspectives Volume 29, No. 2, pp. 271-286